Famous Psychics

People have been fascinated by the paranormal and psychics for centuries. While some read horoscopes and tune into talk shows to listen to the predictions that many famous psychics make, others may regularly visit the Ask Peter psychic Web site for tarot readings. Here is an introduction to some of the psychics that are currently popular.

Sylvia Browne (born October 19, 1936)

For Sylvia Browne, psychic phenomena goes all the way back to her childhood. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Browne started having visions at the age of three. Browne has been giving psychic readings since 1974, both in person and over the telephone. She has her own radio program and has appeared on several talk shows, including a weekly appearance on the Montel Williams Show. Sylvia Browne is a published author on psychic phenomena.

Some of Browne’s paranormal work focuses on heaven and past lives, though she also makes predictions for the future, including predicting her sister’s birth when she was only three. She has claimed to help cure the sick and help solve police cases. However, many critics remain skeptical about her ability, as many of her predictions have subsequently turned out to be wrong.

John Edward (born October 19, 1969)

John Edward’s psychic abilities were evident when he was very young. He was born John Edward McGee Jr. in Long Island, New York, where he still resides. As a boy, his psychic abilities surprised his family, as he knew about things that had happened before he was born. However, they accepted this as normal, and he had a normal childhood. In his late teens, an encounter with psychic Lydia Clar made John aware of his psychic abilities. He then made a real effort to develop them.

As a psychic medium, John Edward says he communicates with the spirits of people who have died, putting their loved ones in touch with them. He is most famous for the TV shows Crossing Over (which ran from 1999 to 2004) and John Edwards Cross Country, in which he demonstrates these abilities. While the shows are immensely popular, Edward also has many critics who point to several readings that later turned out to be wrong.

Lisa Williams

While her biographies intentionally omit her date of birth, psychic Lisa Williams was born in Birmingham, England and first became aware of her psychic abilities when she was seven. However, she didn’t start using those abilities until much later.

Williams describes herself as a medium, clairvoyant and healer. She is best known for communicating with those who have passed on. The rise of Lisa Williams, psychic, really dates from 1996, when her TV show Lisa Williams: Life among the Dead was first aired.

While Williams has failed to make an accurate reading every now and then, she is very popular, and many of her fans believe that her statements are accurate.

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan, the famed psychic to the stars, says that her psychic abilities started when she was only nine months old. During her childhood, she claims that she often saw ghosts and was able to accurately relay details of dead people’s lives after seeing photographs of them. Morgan’s mother nurtured this talent by taking her daughter to psychic fairs. As a result, Sally did not think that her ability to communicate with the dead was unusual.

Sally Morgan has done readings for Princess Diana, Robert de Niro and Uma Thurman, among others. She reads their past and predicts the future. In recent years, Sally Morgan has been known for communicating with dead celebrities and has interviewed several of them for magazines.

Morgan practices her craft on her TV show: Sally Morgan: Star Psychic. Public opinion is divided about her talents. Many dismiss her predictions as coming from cold reading rather than true ability, though just as many are fervent believers.

Uri Geller (born December 20, 1946)

Uri Geller is another famous psychic. Born in Israel, Geller is most famous for performing paranormal feats, including bending spoons with his mind. Telepathy and dowsing (the ability to detect underground resources, including water and minerals, without any tools) are also among his talents. Uri Geller has astounded millions with his demonstrations and has appeared on TV all around the world. However, critics have claimed that many of the feats Geller demonstrates are nothing more than stage magic.