Famous Haunted Houses And Haunted Everything Else

Essentially, a haunted house is a place in which ghost sightings or ghost activities have been reported. Ghost activity includes an extremely wide range of paranormal events, from noises such as speaking, screaming and footsteps to poltergeist activity during which doors slam shut, objects move and people think they see ghosts.

For a house or building to gain a reputation for being haunted, all it requires are tales of ghostly goings-on. In fact, a haunted house rarely receives any scientific corroboration. Like urban myths, haunted house legends are typically spread through tales and stories told from one person to another.

Famous Haunted Houses in the U.S.

Athens, Ohio has been called one of the most haunted towns in the world by the British Physical Society. Athens boasts a vast number of ghost stories. There are five cemeteries in Athens, and, when connected by a line, they form a pentagon (an occult symbol representing magic and power) with Ohio University in its center.

Ohio University itself is reportedly one of the most haunted college campuses in the United States. The University owns most of the land around the building that used to be the state hospital, a building with many ghost accounts. Athens is said to be a haven for Satanists and occult followers. In the 1850s, the town was home to a large number of spiritualists.

Haunted Andleberry Estate

One of the more famous haunted houses in pop culture is the Andleberry Estate, in Clovis, California. This mansion is reportedly haunted by residents of the sanitarium, of which the mansion used to be a part. The owner says he has heard ghost activity and has felt ghosts breathing on him.

Many different groups, including paranormal investigators, LiveSciFi.TV and a local news station have all visited the mansion. In total, paranormal investigators at the site have recorded:

  • doors that slam by themselves
  • electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), a paranormal event recorded by some form of electronic media, like a tape recorder
  • over 22 different spirits.

For many people, EVPs are proof that ghost activity is real and not fabricated legend.

Haunted Everything Else

Alcatraz, located on an island in San Francisco Bay, no longer operates as a maximum-security prison but is open to visitors interested in its history. Many visitors report hearing screams, cell doors slamming, footsteps and other ghostly activity.

Hotel Chelsea, in Manhattan, is one of New York’s more infamous landmarks due to its rich history of deaths and reports of ghost activity. Guests tell tales of seeing the ghost of Sex Pistols band member, Sid Vicious, in the elevator. Sid was suspected of brutally murdering his girlfriend in the hotel and later died of a heroin overdose.

Sid’s friend, Dee Dee Ramone, recounts a feeling of unease in the hotel after Sid’s death. Other Hotel Chelsea ghosts include the writer Thomas Wolfe and poet Dylan Thomas. One wonders how they get on with Sid.

Visiting Haunted Houses

A number of different Web sites list the details and locations of supposedly haunted houses (and haunted everything else, for that matter). Those interested in haunted houses across the United States and throughout the world can see haunted house pictures on the Internet. The Internet provides a great alternative to the high expense of traveling to different sites. And, it just might be safer too.