Engagement Ring Shopping

An engagement ring is one of a few pieces of jewelry that a woman wears for a lifetime. Engagement rings and wedding bands represent the love and commitment of a partnership.

A piece of jewelry with this level of sentimental and financial value should be selected and purchased with care. With a few basic guidelines for diamond ring shopping, you can choose the perfect ring for the woman you love.

Buying an Engagement Ring: Financial Considerations

Buying an engagement ring is a significant financial investment. Know your budget and limits before you shop, and consider a balance between color, cut, clarity and carat weight (the “four C’s” that determine a diamond’s value) to get the best diamond for your money.

You may wish to create a special savings account or put aside money periodically once you’ve met that special someone. In-store, watch for seasonal sales or promotions, and ask your jeweler about financing options. Finally, look into certification or appraisal for your diamond, which is helpful if you decide to have it insured.

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Many jewelers stock hundreds of engagement ring settings, and offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and levels of quality. Classic diamond engagement rings are made of diamonds and gold, but you can select other metal and stone options for an unusual ring. Some couples choose engagement rings with special meaning, such as an heirloom stone or the bride’s birthstone.

You can go engagement ring shopping together, which ensures that your fianc