Easter Gifts

Easter is an enjoyable holiday that has different meanings for different families. For some people, Easter is a Christian holiday. For others, Easter is a celebration of spring and a time of renewal.

Kids especially love Easter because it usually means a time of dyeing eggs, going on Easter egg hunts and receiving lots of candy. Even kids who celebrate Easter as a religious holiday often enjoy Easter baskets, egg hunts and candy after church on Easter Sunday.

Easter for Kids

Easter gifts for kids are relatively easy to come by, no matter why you celebrate the holiday. For Christians, great Easter gifts include children’s bibles, illustrated collections of bible stories or cross necklaces. Secular Easter gifts for kids can include stuffed bunnies and baby chicks, bunny ears or full costumes, coloring books, art supplies, books, DVDs, toys or dolls. Some families splurge on large Easter gifts such as bicycles or electronics.

A word of caution: Many pet stores stock live rabbits and baby chicks around Easter because parents like to give them to their children as Easter gifts. Unfortunately, many of these pets are returned to the store a few weeks after Easter because the children lose interest. Avoid giving live pets as gifts unless you’ve discussed it with your children beforehand and they’re both aware of the coming gift and prepared to responsibly care for it.

Easter Basket Ideas

One of the most popular ways to present Easter gifts is by creating an Easter basket. Many parents enjoy playing the role of Easter bunny and creating a gift basket that their children will see as soon as they wake up. Easter baskets typically include sweets, such as marshmallow chicks, jelly beans, chocolate Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. You can also fill the basket with homemade goodies such as fudge, cookies or cupcakes.

If you don’t want your child to overindulge at Easter, you can find plenty of Easter basket ideas that don’t involve candy. For example, you could fill the Easter basket with inexpensive toys and games, such as a deck of cards, an action figure or a toy truck.

Other Easter basket ideas include books, gift cards and costume jewelry. You could fill a few colorful plastic Easter eggs with coins or dollar bills. Fill in the Easter basket with colorful tissue paper or paper Easter grass to make it look as full and attractive as possible.