Dog Breeds

Dogs have been man”s companion for ages. Earliest records of Assyria and Egypt show that dogs did exist in these cultures. Egyptian monuments dating to 3000 B.C. present many forms of the domestic dog. It is clear that dogs were considered companions back then, just as they are in today”s world.

As in history, all kinds of dogs and dog breeds have been trained to hunt, gather livestock, protect property and love their owners unconditionally. In modern times, dogs are also used to guide the blind or sick, help to sniff out drugs or fugitives or work in search and rescue operations after natural disasters or after building collapses.

Dogs come in all sizes, colors and attitudes. Some are bred to be as tiny as a purse and some are as large as a miniature pony!

People take dogs with them on vacations, parade them at distinguished dog shows, put them in their family portraits and grieve heavily when they die.

Everyone has their own favorite dog breeds, from the strongest specimens of fighting dogs that weight over 200 pounds to the sweetest of little dogs that barely tip the scale at 5 pounds. People pick dogs that take hours to groom or ones that fend for themselves. They choose outside or indoor pets, select calm or active breeds and decide on the purebreds or mutts.

People love their dogs for a multitude of reasons, whether it”s for their abilities as a hunter”s helper, as a watch dog for their home or as a playmate for their children or themselves. Some people make breeding and selling dogs their hobby or occupation.

Some folks buy the same dog in adulthood as they had as a young child. They remember the closeness brought to a home when a dog enters the family.

Dogs give comfort to those willing to adopt them into their lives. Finding the right dog can be overwhelming for many. The array of breeds continues to be huge. Add in all the miniature versions of the normal-sized dogs, and the list grows.

In this section, we”ll provide information on some of the best-loved and well-known dog breeds.


Bulldogs remain faithful, intelligent and caring to all those in a household. The bulldog is one of the few breeds which can, with perfect safety, be trusted alone with children. Naturally in the course of play, children can try the patience and good temper of many kinds of dogs. But bulldogs often weather through the storm without harming anyone. Bulldogs make lovely pets.


Dalmatians represent a strong, muscular and active type of dog. This breed of dog has been said to be remarkably clever if trained correctly. Although trained in earlier history to work with horses, today”s version of the Dalmatian loves being outdoors and working with other animals. Dalmatians are easily spotted by their spotted coats.

Chow Chows

The Chow Chow has a versatile attitude, transforming from a warrior to a sweet pet with ease. This breed of dog does not provoke fighting, but he is a good watch dog despite having a deceivingly small body. The compact Chow Chow carries a lot of muscle underneath is furry coat.


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