Different Valentine S Day Ideas

Valentine”s Day doesn”t have to be the same every year. Chocolates, flowers, dinner and wine can become boring. Valentine”s Day activities don”t have to be traditional to be romantic. As long as you and your significant other are doing something you both enjoy, Valentine”s Day will be a success.

Doing something you”ve never done or participating in an old favorite pastime can make great Valentine”s Day dates. Plan your Valentine”s Day with your significant other, or plan a surprise outing to an unknown location. The possibilities are endless!

Valentine”s Day activities don”t have to be limited to nighttime dates either. Full-day activities, afternoon lunches and even morning brunches can make great Valentine”s Day dates. If Valentine”s Day falls in the middle of the workweek, the holiday can even be pushed to another day for celebration.

Performance Art Activities for Valentine”s Day

Movies are all well and good for Valentine”s Day, but for a different spin, try getting tickets to a musical, play or other performance. Concerts and comedy shows can also make great Valentine”s Day plans.

Driving Activities for Valentine”s Day

Special driving activities, whether a drive to the beach or the country or one of the unique driving activities below, can make great Valentine”s Day activities. Here are a few driving activities that are out of the ordinary:

  • Advanced driving techniques: Driving schools can teach you how to do handbrake turns, stunt driving, skid-pan driving and defensive driving. Professionals will supervise all activity, so the danger is minimal.
  • Go-kart racetrack driving: Many local golf courses and amusement centers offer go-kart racing and driving.
  • Off-road driving: Visit the desert or an off-road track to drive quad bikes, monster trucks or military vehicles.
  • Racetrack driving: Many racetracks offer courses and experiences in racetrack driving in designer cars (Ferrari, Porsche, etc.), single-seat racecars, dragsters or motorcycles.

Flying Activities for Valentine”s Day

Flying is a great activity to try for the first time with your significant other. Flying options for Valentine”s Day dates include:

  • Flying lessons: Many local airfields and small airports offer flying lessons in fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters or simulators. A trial lesson for two could make for a thrilling Valentine”s Day activity.
  • Hot air ballooning: Whether by the beach or over a city, there is no feeling like flying in a hot air balloon. Many hot air ballooning companies offer romantic sunrise or sunset cruises with champagne or a picnic afterward.
  • Parasailing: This is somewhat limited by proximity to water, but parasailing is a great Valentine”s Day activity.
  • Sky diving: A parachute jump out of a plane with your significant other is a unique experience that will make Valentine”s Day unforgettable.

Cultural Activities for Valentine”s Day

Valentine”s Day dates during the day can be calm and relaxing while still straying away from the yearly routine. Here are some fun, romantic ideas for Valentine”s Day dates:

  • Art galleries: A visit to an art gallery can be enjoyable and romantic. Many of galleries also sell postcards or prints of their works, which can make great mementos of your Valentine”s Day date.
  • Museum visits: Museums can make for an educational and enjoyable date. Most museums have their own gift shops offering merchandise that can serve as souvenirs of your romantic date.
  • Rural excursions: A visit to nature can be a great way to spend some quality alone time together. Open country, forests, beaches, mountains or even deserts can make great picnic and walking/hiking destinations.
  • Zoos and botanical gardens: Zoos and botanical gardens can be a great activity for those who appreciate nature. Get a map and make sure you both see everything you want to see. Zoos and botanical gardens also make for great photos, so don”t forget to bring your camera.


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