Diamond Shapes And Settings

Each woman has her own idea of a perfect engagement ring design. Different diamond shapes catch the light in different ways, and the setting has a significant effect on the overall feel or presence of the ring. Choose from a wide variety of diamond shapes and settings to create a special symbol of your love for her.

Diamond Shapes

The round diamond is the most traditional of diamond cuts, and remains a very common engagement ring design. These diamonds are cut with many facets to maximize sparkle.

Other popular shapes with high sparkle include oval, princess (square) and radiant (rounded square or rectangle). Other specialty shapes with high sparkle include marquise, pear and heart-shaped diamonds.

Asscher and emerald-cut diamonds are different from other shapes. Their geometric facets don’t have the same sparkle as other traditional shapes, but these diamonds have a classic beauty all their own.

Engagement Ring Design: Diamond Settings

Like the shape of the diamond itself, settings present almost limitless engagement ring design possibilities. Popular settings and details include:

  • Filigree: Fine openwork and cutouts in the metal of the ring create a lacy and elegant design.
  • Pav