Diamond Grading Reports And Certification

A diamond engagement ring is a heartfelt sign of your love, but it’s also a significant financial investment. When you purchase your diamond, ensure that its quality can be guaranteed. Diamond ring certification by an accredited independent lab assures you of the clarity, cut, color and carat weight of your diamond.

What Kind of Paperwork Should I Receive with my Diamond?

Most jewelers offer a diamond certificate with the purchase of a diamond engagement ring. The certification is a document guaranteeing the diamond’s properties.

The process of grading diamonds is completed according to the “four C’s:” clarity, cut, color and carat weight. These factors determine the value of the diamond. However, the certificate does not assign a value; it simply provides a description of the characteristics of your unique diamond. This profile is completed using a gemological lab’s sophisticated equipment to ensure authenticity and quality.

Diamond certification grades the quality of the loose stone only, not the complete engagement ring.

Who Completes Diamond Ring Certification?

Grading reports and certificates should be completed by independent, well-respected labs, not by the retailers themselves. This process ensures that the diamond meets the specifications claimed by the retailer. Certifications can be performed by gem labs specializing in grading diamonds, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and European Gemological Laboratory (EGL).

Engagement Ring Appraisals

You can have your loose center diamond or engagement ring appraised. An appraisal is an assessment of the market value or replacement value of your piece. Contributing factors include stones, mounting and labor involved in creating the piece. This document can be important if you want to insure your diamond, which is a wise step to protect this financial and emotional investment from loss, theft or damage.