Decreasing Tantrums During Toddler Birthday Parties

With so many things to think about, planning toddler birthday parties can be a tricky venture. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider is dealing with tantrums. When you have lots of little ones in the same room, meltdowns are likely to happen. With a little strategic planning, however, you can minimize tantrums in toddlers.

Keep Toddler Birthday Parties Short and Sweet

One sure way to incite tantrums in toddlers is to over-stimulate them. To avoid this, invite just a few of your child’s friends when planning toddler birthday parties. In general, you should invite one toddler guest per year of age, plus one. You’ll also want to keep party activities simple, and only plan a few games and crafts. Try to avoid competitive games and have prizes for everyone, as young children are often egocentric and are still learning to share.

Keep Toddlers in the Know

Toddler birthday parties cause over-stimulation, as well as a change in routine. As a general rule, toddlers don’t adapt easily to change. Dealing with tantrums is difficult, so keep your child and her guests up-to-date on what will be happening next in the party. You may even want to announce the agenda at the very beginning of the party and provide reminders throughout to minimize tantrums in toddlers.

Keep Timing in Mind to Avoid Tantrums

Another way to eliminate tantrums in toddlers is to schedule toddler birthday parties around your child’s naptime; a sleepy toddler is a cranky toddler. Hold your child’s party late in the morning or early in the afternoon to be sure everyone is well-rested. Along these lines, your party shouldn’t be longer than an hour or so. Following these simple guidelines will lead to a successful party and eliminate the task of dealing with tantrums.