Cupid S Love Spells

As Valentine”s Day approaches, many hope for Cupid”s arrow to work its magic and bring their true love calling. However, Cupid is busy during the season and might not have time to make everyone”s love wishes come true. This year, why not bypass the winged infant and create some of your own love spells!

Wiccan Love Spells

When people think about casting spells, they often think of witches.The witches of folklore and modern day movies may cast spells to force others to fall in love, but the followers of Wicca, a modern tradition of witchcraft, do not believe in tampering with anyone”s free will.

Rather, wiccans believe in love spells that open the requester to receive love. While some may prefer the instant gratification of Cupid”s arrow, wiccans believe their love spells craft true love and offer more than infatuation.

A simple, yet essential, Wiccan love spell removes the negative energy that may be blocking you from receiving love. Here are the steps of the quintessential Wiccan love spell:

  • Determine what is preventing you from being open to love, whether it”s low self-esteem or the memory of a past hurt.
  • Once you can acknowledge your block, cleanse yourself of it. To wash away the spiritual and emotional negativity that is restraining you, wash your hands with soap and water.

The act of washing your hands, according to Wiccan belief, will allow you to open yourself to love and will draw love to you.

Wiccan Spell for Love

If you do not have an internal block but still want a spell to bring love to you, you will need roses, rather than soap. This Wiccan love spell is for those seeking to find new love:

  1. Holding five red roses, walk about one block away from your house.
  2. Once your have reached the desired distance, drop one of the roses and begin chanting (or repeating silently to yourself), “This is a path of love. My true love will find me.”
  3. Walk back home, dropping three more of the roses and chanting the same phrase along the way.
  4. When you reach your front door, drop the fifth rose. The spell creates a path for your true love to find you.

The Valentine”s Day White Candle Love Spell

The white candle spell promises true love. Use this spell if you already have a lover but want your relationship to reach its fullest potential. Unlike Cupid”s love spells, this spell will not cause someone to fall madly in love with you. Instead, it pledges to bring out the true level of love that your partner has for you. The white candle love spell offers the potential for a passionate love, but only if your lover already has that level of love for you buried within himself.

This Valentine”s Day love spell is more complicated and requires more materials and concentration than the others. Here are the steps for the white candle love spell:

  • Get a simple white candle large enough for you to etch inscriptions.
  • Erect a small platform or altar.
  • Decorate the altar with items that are special to you and your lover.
  • Get a thorn from a white rose bush and inscribe the phrase “All my love come to me” three times on the candle.
  • Place the candle on the center of the altar.
  • Light the candle.
  • Concentrate on the candle until it burns out, visualizing your lover the entire time.
  • Take the remaining wax and your special items from the altar and store them in a safe place.

After you complete the spell, you will receive all of the love your partner has for you.


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