Cultural Christmas Icons

When you think of Christmas, you probably think of brightly lit Christmas trees, jolly Santa Claus, beautifully wrapped gifts and friends and family. However, did you know that different cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways and have their own distinct Christmas cultural icons?

In the United States, many people celebrate Christmas by decorating a Christmas tree, hanging lights on their houses and in their yards and by dressing up as Santa Claus to hand out gifts to children. However, if you lived in Denmark, you would receive gifts from Julemanden and his mischievous elf, Julenisse.

Each country has its own way of celebrating and symbolizing Christmas. In this section, we”ll discuss the many different cultural icons of Christmas and also give you information on Christmas costumes. Learn all about X-mas icons!

Christmas Costumes

People wear Christmas costumes for a number of Christmas events. Some don Santa”s red and white suit to hand out Christmas presents at an office party, while others put on green and white striped elf stockings to sing carols on Christmas Eve.

If you”re looking for a unique Christmas costume, you might want to look to Christmas books, Christmas movies and Christmas songs. For example, you could dress up like the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Or, you could dress up like the jolly snowman from Frosty the Snowman.

Of course, you can also choose a religious Christmas costume. If you have two friends going to a Christmas party with you, you could dress up as the Three Wise Men!

Many people simply dress up for Christmas in Christmas-themed clothing. Wearing red and green, donning necklaces of Christmas lights and making sweatshirts with Christmas patterns are all great ways to get into the Christmas spirit. And of course, Santa Claus hats are the most popular Christmas-themed clothing accessory. Santa hats can be found in many varieties during the holiday season:

  • adorned with light-up baubles
  • multi-color
  • personalized
  • traditional red and white.

A number of sources are available for inspiration for Christmas costumes!

Christmas Icons around the World

International Christmas gift givers tailor the beloved holiday to fit their own unique cultures. While Christmas icons around the world vary in when they visit and what they give, they all promote the Christma spirit of giving.

In the United States and Canada, Santa Claus delivers gifts to children on Christmas Eve, flying from house to house in his sleigh and entering homes by wiggling down chimneys.

However, Italian children expect La Befana to come visit them on Jan. 6. As legend goes, La Befana refused to give the Three Wise Men food and shelter as they traveled to visit the baby Jesus. Realizing her error, La Befana has traveled the Earth looking for the Wise Men and giving out gifts to good children, in the hopes that one of them might be Jesus.

Christmas icons around the world help bring the spirit of Christmas to everyone!