Creative Adult Halloween Costumes

Although Halloween is generally regarded as a children”s holiday, that doesn”t mean that adults can”t have fun too! Whether you are going to a party or just dressing up with your kids, your costume can be just as creative as those geared towards children.

Adult Costume Ideas

The following are some creative, inexpensive ideas for adult Halloween costumes:

  • Card Dealer: Line a cardboard box with green felt and attach string to both ends of the horizontal side (so you can sling it around your neck). Fill the box with cards and poker chips and wear a tuxedo shirt with a green plastic visor.
  • 1950s Cigarette Girl: Fill a box (constructed in the same manner as above) with candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars. Wear a short skirt and some stockings.
  • A Bunch of Grapes: Wear all green or purple and attach green or purple balloons to yourself, all over your body. Wear a headband with some leaves and twigs attached to it.
  • Kissing Booth: Get a larger cardboard box and attach suspenders on either side so you can wear it over your shoulders while you stand inside. Paint the words “Kisses $1” or “Kissing Booth” on it.
  • A Gold Digger: Wear a gold or black dress along with some fake and gaudy costume jewelry. Put gold glitter all over yourself and carry around a toy shovel painted gold.

Costumes that Play with Words

You can also create a more innovative Halloween costume that plays on words:

  • Waist of Time: Attach a bunch of watch faces (or draw some to attach) to a belt and wear it around your waist.
  • Chick Magnet: Dress in all one color and attach toy chicks to yourself.
  • Burnt Out: Burn holes all over an old dress shirt and dress slacks/skirt. Tease your hair and use makeup to put dark circles under your eyes.
  • Always a Bridesmaid: Get an old bridesmaid dress from secondhand store and put some tears and holes in it. Wear torn stockings and smeared makeup while carrying around a bouquet of dried or dead flowers.
  • God”s Gift to (Wo)men: Wear all black and tie a big bow around yourself. Attach a tag in front with the words “To: Men (or Women), From: God.”

Homemade Halloween Costumes

When putting together a Halloween costume, remember that there are plenty of ways to dress up creatively without spending much money. A homemade Halloween costume can be just as elaborate and well designed as one you purchase.

Use everyday household products to accessorize your costume. Covering water bottles or cardboard cutouts in tin foil can create anything from a sword or shield to a tin man costume. You can make fake blood at home by mixing corn syrup with red food coloring. If you want to add more gore to your costume, use cornmeal or oatmeal to make funky facial textures or bizarre bodily growths.

If you find that you need to buy something for your costume, go to a secondhand store before hitting up the mall or Halloween stores. Secondhand stores not only have a great selection of inexpensive items but also can provide you with things that will be unique to your costume!