Crafting With Irony And Style The New Diy Movement

Not long ago, any mention of an arts and crafts hobby might conjure up images of your grandmother in a rocking chair, knitting you yet another ugly, scratchy sweater.
In recent years, however, the craft world has shifted, with younger generations rediscovering traditional crafting techniques and reinventing them with a modern twist.
Today’s crafts are a far cry from recreating that ugly sweater your grandma darned. Visit a local craft fair, and you may find baby hats knit to look like the tops of vegetables, bedazzled vintage postcards for wedding save-the-dates, and vintage printer’s drawers painted and repurposed to display tiny found objects. In recent years, crafting trends have shifted from traditional and somber to innovative, playful and subversive. In other words, cross-stitch is now cool.
Today’s crafts are often designed and created by a younger generation to:

  • Examine and subvert the traditions of their genre
  • Make a political or social statement
  • Reflect current, modern styles rather than traditional ones.

New Trends in DIY Arts and Crafts

Crafts like knitting and sewing were traditionally associated with idle female work to be done at home. The finished products weren’t sold for profit nor considered a form of artistic expression. However, things have changed as women have begun to work outside the home and have re-claimed crafting as a form of true art and personal expression.
In recent decades, young crafters have breathed new life into traditional crafting techniques by updating designs to fit a more modern aesthetic. The result has often been crafts using traditional techniques (such as paper crafts) but with a modern or ironic twist (such as folding tiny origami cell phones).
Contemporary crafting includes both fresh twists on the classics, as well as entirely new craft mediums. Crafters have turned all kinds of ordinary household