Co Ed Showers

For a long time, bridal showers were only for women. After all, the women needed a party for themselves if the guys were going to have an all-guys bachelor party. As with so many of our traditions, however, bridal showers and bachelor parties have become more flexible in recent years.

These days, it”s not uncommon to hear of co-ed showers, including co-ed bridal showers, bachelor parties and wedding showers. Co-ed showers allow everyone, regardless of sex, to take part in the exciting festivities that revolve around a couple”s union.

Reasons for Co-Ed Showers

Some people like the idea of traditional, segregated wedding showers.These people may see a bridal shower as a time for the bride-to-be and her girlfriends to bond and reflect on their lives. Likewise, they think bachelor parties should be about male bonding.

Also, some people think that co-ed showers would limit the festivities. For example, women might not want to see female strippers perform.

On the other hand, co-ed showers allow the bride and groom to spend time with all their friends, regardless of sex. These days, it”s just as likely for the bride”s best friend to be a man, and it would be unfortunate for him to be barred from the bridal shower. Likewise, a groom”s close gal pal should be able to enjoy his bachelor party. Some people may find the larger, co-ed group a warmer and more current way to celebrate.

Planning a Co-Ed Wedding Shower

Planning a co-ed wedding shower is as unique as the couple you are celebrating. Wedding showers can be formal or relaxed, and they may take place in an upscale hall or in a backyard. The nice thing is that there are no hard-and-fast rules for planning a co-ed shower.

Once you determine your budget, ask the engaged couple for a list of the people they would like to have at the shower. Some couples prefer to have just their closest friends at the shower, while others will want to include all of their friends and relatives.

Once you have the guest list established, send out the invitations, asking guests to RSVP as soon as possible. Once you know who will be attending, it will be easier for you to plan the food and drinks you”ll serve and the co-ed wedding shower games you”ll play.

If the guest list includes many people, you might need to rent a banquet hall or reserve a large room in a restaurant. Some couples, however, prefer an at-home co-ed wedding shower. Again, the location of the shower will depend on the desires of the couple.

Co-Ed Shower Themes

Co-ed shower themes should reflect the couple being celebrated. A couple who loves the outdoors might want a hobby-related motif. Does the couple fish, golf, bowl, bike or ski? Party decorations, favors and gifts can all celebrate their shared interests.

Or, perhaps a honeymoon theme would lend both excitement and practicality to the day. Gifts can include luggage, travel kits, a camera, books, maps and even gift certificates for specific services and shops waiting at their destination.

More traditional shower themes might include:

  • a pampering motif (Gifts can include robes, candles, soaps, oils, bubble bath, towels and lotion.)
  • a stock-the-bar theme (Gifts can include glasses, bar tools, liquors, liqueurs, etc.)
  • a toasting theme (Gifts can include engraved glasses, champagne, an ice bucket, etc.)

Co-Ed Wedding Shower Games

Games really lend themselves to co-ed wedding showers. Games often loosen guests up and can get the party rolling. Here are some co-ed wedding shower games that are sure to both break the ice and leave guests laughing:

  • Arts & Crafts: Have guests create their own masterpieces. One fun thing guests could do is paint a picture of the bride and groom!
  • Design a Dress: Divide guests into teams, give each team a roll of toilet paper and have them design a wedding dress within a designated time.
  • Poems: Pass around a piece of paper. As each guest gets the paper, have him write one creative, poetic line about the couple. Keep passing the paper until each guest has written a line. When the poem is complete, have the couple read it out loud.
  • Trivia: Create a trivia game that focuses on the couple. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins a prize!