Clone Golf Clubs

Between rounds on the golf course, lessons and gear, getting into golf and perfecting your skills as a golfer can be an expensive hobby. Fortunately, you can save money as you practice golf by buying golf club clones.

Clone golf clubs are clubs modeled after the designs of name brands like Taylormade, Ping and Titleist. These clones are not counterfeit copies and are made so that they do not infringe on the copyrighted designs they mimic.

Clones are much less expensive than brand name clubs. The lower prices make them a good choice for those looking to buy new clubs on a budget. Although not exactly the same as originals, the best clone golf clubs are made from quality materials and can perform just as well as name brand clubs. In fact, clone manufacturers buy many of their components (shafts, clubs heads and grips) from the same suppliers as brand name companies.

Where to Find Golf Club Clones

Golf club clones can be purchased online at a number of different Web sites. These sites offer clones for many popular brands and types of clubs. Left hand golf club clones, custom fittings and options for flex, length, grip and shaft type are also available, making it easy to find a club that is right for you. Some popular online retailers are:

  • (This site also sells clone golf components.)

Cost of Clone Golf Clubs

Individual golf club clones usually don’t cost more than about $120. Prices vary depending on the type of club you are purchasing:

  • driver
  • hybrid
  • iron
  • putter
  • wedge
  • wood.

Drivers are the most expensive individually, while irons come in sets that cost up to $300. In comparison, top-of-the-line drivers range from $300 to $600, and iron sets can cost up to $1,200.

Brand name golf clubs are expensive because the companies have large promotional costs, such as professional player sponsorships, that need to be covered. These expenses trickle down to the consumer in the form of higher prices. Clone golf clubs do not have these kinds of marketing expenses, so retailers are able to sell them at a much lower price. For this reason, the lower prices of clone golf clubs do not always indicate lower quality.

Clones versus Fakes

As with most expensive and exclusive products, counterfeit versions do exist. Counterfeit golf clubs are illegal because suppliers attempt to fool the customer into thinking fake clubs are authentic. Doing so is a violation of trademark rights. Counterfeit clubs negatively affect the original brands by taking away from their profits. Additionally, because they are often made with low quality materials that may break easily, counterfeits negatively affect the consumer.

If you’ve been eyeing that $500 TaylorMade r7 CGB Max Driver but don’t exactly want to shell out the big bucks, definitely consider buying a clone. They look good, perform well and will save you a lot of money.