Christmas Vacations

The Christmas season is one of the most popular times to take a vacation. During the holiday season, many families take vacations to visit friends and family, while some people simply take a few days to visit a new area and relax.

There are no set rules on taking a Christmas vacation. While some people enjoying skiing on the slopes during Christmas, others enjoying soaking up sun on the beach.

Spending Christmas Away From Home

While some people prefer to stay at home for the holidays, many people are discovering the perks of taking a vacation during the Christmas season. For example, on a Christmas vacation, instead of cleaning up after guests and your own family, you can stay in a hotel or resort and allow the staff to take care of you!

Often, vacations at Christmas also don”t require cooking.

Additionally, many people like a change in climate during the Christmas season. People that live in warm climates often travel to snowy destinations to get more of a wintry, Christmas feel for their holiday, while people who live in cold-weather climates may want to escape the snow for a warm or tropical location.

Popular Christmas Vacation Spots

Mountains, beaches, country cabins and many other options are among the top Christmas vacation spots, depending on your individual preferences. Some of the most popular places to travel for Christmas vacation include:

  • Disney World and Disneyland: Some people find that no place in the world can offer more Christmas spirit than Disney World and Disneyland. Christmas lights and trees, reindeer, festivals, parades and even artificial snow are included in a Disney Christmas.Disney characters roam the park dressed in Christmas costumes, hot chocolate is served in shops and carols play throughout the parks. Disney destinations make wonderful family Christmas vacations.
  • Europe: Many families enjoy seeing other countries” Christmas traditions firsthand during this festive season, and Christmas is often the only time that families have enough time off from work and school to plan a trip to a European country. Much of Europe features snowfall during Christmas, painting a picturesque Christmas scene for travelers. Outdoor ice skating, beautiful cathedrals, parades and many other annual celebrations round out Europe”s many appealing Christmas features.
  • The Caribbean: The Caribbean offers countless tropical beaches and vacation spots for travelers looking to escape the cold and kick back for Christmas vacation.While some may think that beaches and sunshine don”t really amount to Christmas spirit, many resorts offer Christmas vacation packages that bring the Christmas spirit and traditions to vacationers. Christmas parties and even Christmas carolers on the beach are just a few things that Caribbean resorts offer to their guests.

Planning a Christmas Vacation

No matter your preferences, there is surely a destination that will meet your expectations for a Christmas vacation. Family fun, romance and even solitary relaxation can be found at Christmas vacation destinations.

However, those considering a Christmas getaway should start their planning early. Because it”s such a popular time of year to travel, flights and hotels fill up well in advance. Start planning in early fall to be sure that prices don”t skyrocket and that your desired destination doesn”t sell out.

Additionally, if you want to travel out of the country, be sure to start the passport application process well in advance, as this process can take many weeks, especially during peak travel seasons.