Christmas Tree Alternatives

While Christmas trees are the most popular traditional Christmas decoration, many people are now considering alternatives to Christmas trees and alternative Christmas decorations for their homes.

Christmas tree substitutes include artificial trees, potted plants, garlands, nativity scenes and more. By using Christmas tree alternatives, many families create their own unique Christmas traditions.

Plants as Christmas Tree Alternatives

Potted plants, such as potted Leyland Cypress trees, are great Christmas tree alternatives. In addition, these trees can be planted in your home”s yard after the Christmas season ends for year-round decoration.

These trees can be decorated indoors or outdoors and during the year can serve as excellent scenery for your yard. Cuttings from these trees and other plants can also be used to make Christmas wreaths and other alternative Christmas decorations.

Poinsettias can also serve as Christmas tree alternatives. Many families set up elaborate displays of poinsettias, whether on a table or in a corner of the house. Poinsettias are traditional Christmas decorations and get many people in the Christmas spirit.

Evergreen Holly

Many other plants serve as great Christmas tree substitutions. These plants are less traditional Christmas decorations:

  • Foster”s holly
  • Greenleaf (Ilex opaca) holly
  • Nellie R. Stevens holly
  • Savannah holly.

Evergreen hollies are beautiful Christmas tree alternatives.

These Christmas tree substitutes still have a Christmas feel, due to their dark green leaves and bright red berries. After the holiday season, evergreen hollies will thrive if you plant them in your yard. Holly branches can also be used each year to create Christmas wreaths and other alternative Christmas decorations.

Evergreen Vines

For those who enjoy gardening and are ready to try something completely different as a Christmas decoration, evergreen vines make unique Christmas tree substitutes. Vines that make good Christmas tree alternatives include:

  • Carolina yellow jessamine
  • Confederate jasmine
  • Japanese honeysuckle
  • Lady banks rose
  • Vinca minor or major.

Evergreen vines require a very large pot. You will also need to place a post in the middle of the pot and create a wire trellis system for the vines to wrap around as they grow.

Evergreen vines can be used as decoration for many years. Depending on the climate you live in, you might be able to leave them outside for most of the year and then bring them inside the house during the holiday season to use as a Christmas tree alternative.

Other Christmas Tree Alternatives

Another great Christmas tree alternative is a Japanese cedar tree. These trees are shaped similarly to traditional Christmas trees, though their foliage is somewhat different than the traditional Christmas tree. Like the Leyland Cypress and the Evergreen holly, you can plant a Japanese cedar tree in your yard after the holidays.

For other Christmas tree alternatives that are not shaped like Christmas trees, try a Camellia japonica or a Camellia sasanqua. These are blooming evergreens that do well in moderately shady areas.

Camellia trees can be pruned into any desired shape. They come in a variety of colors as well, making them a great unique Christmas tree alternative.