Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions abound, making the holiday a special and festive time for many.Without the Christmas tree, mistletoe, caroling and Christmas cards, Christmas just wouldn”t seem right for many people. While some Christmas traditions are relatively recent, some date back thousands of years.

For example, did you know that the tradition of hanging mistletoe during the holidays is rooted in pagan traditions and that Christmas caroling dates all the way back to ancient Greece?

Sending Christmas cards, however, is a more recent Christmas tradition. The tradition began in England. At first the cards were almost exclusively religious, but they slowly branched out to include humor and non-religious sentiments.

Families who celebrate Christmas have developed numerous family-specific traditions over the years. For some families, Christmas means a trip to Grandma and Grandpa”s house. Others enjoy taking family trips over the Christmas holiday.

Another Christmas tradition is the opening of Christmas gifts. In some families, presents are opened on Christmas Eve. Other families, however, open Christmas gifts on Christmas morning.

In this section, we”ll discuss a variety of Christmas traditions, including the origins of Christmas traditions and modern Christmas traditions. We”ll even offer tips on throwing a Christmas party and planning a Christmas vacation!

Yuletide Traditions

All over the world, many people celebrate Christmas in some form or another. Therefore, our current Christmas traditions stem from a variety of cultures, countries and eras. The Yule Log, wassailing and caroling, for example, are all rooted in European yuletide traditions.

The Christmas tree is rooted in pagan Winter Solstice festivals. Both the Romans and Druids decorated their homes with evergreen branches as part of the celebration of Saturnalia. Hanging decorations on either a fir or oak tree may also have been commonplace. Over the centuries, the original pagan roots of the Christmas tree evolved, taking on a different significance at each stage.

Learning the roots of yuletide traditions can enhance your Christmas experience.

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas parties are a fun way to celebrate the holiday with your friends and family. If you”re hosting a Christmas party, consider throwing a potluck Christmas party, in which each guests comes with a dish. A potluck Christmas party will help alleviate some of the stress of hosting a party and might allow you more time to enjoy the festivities.

For a fun Christmas party, throw a party in which each guest must dress up as his favorite holiday character or symbol. Guests could arrive dressed as a Christmas tree, elf, Rudolph and more!

A number of Christmas party ideas can help make your holiday bash a memorable event.

Christmas Vacations

A fun way to celebrate Christmas is to go on a Christmas vacation with family and friends. If you live in a cold climate, it might be a nice change to experience Christmas in Hawaii or some other tropical location. Or, you could travel to New York City and see the city all decorated for Christmas.

Taking a trip to a foreign country to see how its citizens celebrate Christmas is also a fun and educational way to spend your Christmas vacation.