Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas parties can be a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit with friends, family members or colleagues. Many people throw annual Christmas parties, and many office buildings have Christmas parties every year for their employees and the families of their employees.

Throwing a Christmas party can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work for the planner or planners. Christmas party games, Christmas party invitations, food, activities and more must all be considered.

When planning a Christmas party, you must first settle on a date and a location. Many businesses hold Christmas parties at their own offices, but if the budget allows, ballrooms or banquet halls are also great options.

Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas party invitations should be sent out well in advance. These can be mailed or handed out personally. E-mail invites are also a growing trend, as online invitation sites will often keep track of the number of party attendees and RSVPs.

During the Christmas season, a number of events are going on, so making yours stand out is the key to getting people to attend. Send out reminders or updates with party details as the party date gets closer.

Office Christmas Parties

Office Christmas parties can get employees from different departments to mingle with people they might otherwise never deal with directly.

To make your office Christmas party a success, be sure to offer plenty of refreshments. Also, Christmas music or even a Christmas movie playing in the background can contribute to the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Party Games

Christmas party games can get your guests to relax and have fun at your Christmas party. If you have Christmas party games, be sure to offer fun Christmas-related prizes to the winners. Handing out party favors or festive Santa Claus hats to guests as they arrive or leave the party can also be fun.

Secret Santa is a great activity for Christmas parties. In the game, gift-givers write their names down on pieces of paper and put them into a hat or bowl. Then, everyone draws a name. The name on the slip of paper is the person for whom the name-drawer must buy a Christmas gift. If you plan on playing Secret Santa at your Christmas party, make sure to have people draw names at least two weeks before the date of the party.

Another great Christmas party activity is a trivia contest. Christmas trivia or trivia about fellow party-goers can be a success. Print out questions ahead of time and have people turn in their questionnaires about halfway through the party. The person with the most correct answers should be given a prize.

Christmas Party Food

If your budget allows, you can have your Christmas parties catered. Or for a fun twist, a potluck can be a success. Start a sign-up sheet about a week before the party. On the sheet, have people sign up to bring the following:

  • desserts
  • drinks
  • main dishes
  • napkins and utensils
  • plates and cups
  • side dishes.

Allow two or three people to sign up under each category to ensure a variety of dishes and to ensure that no category will be neglected if a few people forget to bring what they sign up to bring.