Christmas Crafts

Making Christmas crafts can be a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Many families make Christmas crafts every year as a holiday tradition. Christmas crafts can be used as decorations around the house, or you can give them as Christmas gifts to family and friends.

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas craft possibilities are endless, but some popular Christmas crafts to make include:

  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas candles
  • Christmas countdown paper chains
  • Christmas wreaths for windows or doors
  • homemade cookies in a basket or box
  • personalized Christmas ornaments.

Some Christmas crafts are easy enough for even very young children to make. Ornaments are among the best projects for groups of all ages, because there are so many possibilities and variations available.

Christmas Cards

Sending out Christmas cards can be a lengthy process, but making your own Christmas cards can add an element of fun to the process. Additionally, card recipients will appreciate the thought and effort put forth in making homemade cards.

Personalizing Christmas cards can also add to the fun. Include a family photo to personalize cards even further.

Christmas Candles

Craft stores carry plain candles that can be fun to decorate. Paints, Christmas buttons and accessories and more can be attached to candles to decorate them. Candleholders can also be decorated to match your Christmas candles.

For the ambitious crafter, molds, wicks and candle wax are available that allow people to make their very own candles. This is not a recommended project for small children, as it is quite challenging and people run the risk of burns from hot wax.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths (link to christmas-wreaths.php) can be a challenging craft. To begin, get wire and either real or artificial tree boughs to form the wreath. Alternatively, many craft stores sell pre-made, plain wreaths for people to decorate.

Wreath decorations can include Christmas ornaments, Christmas candies, Christmas lights, bells and whatever other Christmas decorations you can imagine. Wreaths make great decorations for both indoor and outdoor Christmas displays.

Christmas Cookies and Gift Baskets

Some of the easiest Christmas crafts can be made in the kitchen. Christmas cookies placed in tins, festive cellophane and Christmas bags make great gifts and contributions to any holiday party.

Christmas gift baskets can also have Christmas cookies and Christmas cakes as their main feature.

Popular Christmas treats to include in gift baskets include:

  • coffee cake
  • fruitcake
  • fudge
  • gingerbread cookies
  • snickerdoodles
  • sugar cookies.

Another fun idea is to include a printed and laminated recipe of your treats with the gift basket, so that your gift recipient can re-create the treats next Christmas.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments can make great holiday crafts for people of any age. Personalized ornaments make great family keepsakes, and ornaments with photos added serve as fun yearly reminders of your Christmas experience.

Most craft stores sell undecorated ornaments, including clear Christmas bulbs, that crafters can personalize and make their own using paint and other additions.

Another fun idea is to make a Christmas ornament out of a candy cane or a gingerbread cookie. Glue eyes, a red puff and felt “antlers” to a candy cane to create a quick and easy Rudolph ornament.

Poke holes into a gingerbread man cookie and tie a ribbon through the holes to make an ornament that will also provide your tree with a pleasant cinnamon smell.

The possibilities for Christmas crafts are endless. With a little imagination and a trip to a local craft store, you can make great decorations for your home and creative gifts for friends and family.