Christmas Costumes

During the Christmas season, one festive way to celebrate and get into the Christmas spirit is by donning Christmas costumes. Santa Claus costumes are the most popular and widely used, but there are countless other Christmas costume options from which to choose.

Here are some great Christmas costume ideas to help you celebrate Christmas in style!

Buying Christmas Costumes

For most Christmas costumes, the easiest place to get a good price is the Internet. Hundreds of online stores sell Christmas costumes and accessories, from the basic Santa Claus hat to the more elaborate religious Christmas costumes.

During the Halloween and Christmas seasons, many temporary costume stores will sell these costumes as well.

Another option is to make Christmas costumes. This will ensure that the costumes fit correctly and meet your specifications. Some costumes may be more difficult than others to make, but fabric stores often have patterns or skilled workers who can give you helpful tips on specific projects.

Traditional Christmas Costumes

Santa Claus can be seen at malls, charity events, work parties, grocery stores and even in some residences during the Christmas season. While Santa is a great costume, other traditional Christmas icons should not be left out of the holiday fun.

Mrs. Claus and Santa”s elves are great Christmas costume ideas. Many people even dress up their pets as Santa”s reindeer, including the most well-known reindeer, Rudolph, complete with red nose.

These costumes can be used for plays, skits, fundraising events and pretty much any other event that takes place during the Christmas season.

Religious Christmas Costumes

Many churches and religious organizations hold plays or short reenactments of portions of the Bible during the Christmas season.

Popular religious Christmas costumes include the following, among many others:

  • Jesus
  • Joseph
  • The Three Wise Men
  • The Virgin Mary.

Christmas Costumes at Halloween

To shake things up a bit, many people are choosing to dress up as Christmas icons during Halloween. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and even religious figures can be seen trick-or-treating and attending Halloween parties.

As a plus, if you wear a Christmas costume at Halloween, you can recycle it and wear it for a Christmas party!

Christmas Costumes from Movies and Plays

Movies are also inspiring less-traditional Christmas costumes. Costumes of the characters Jack and Sally from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas are available online and in specialty stores and are popular Christmas costume options.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is another popular contemporary Christmas story that inspires interesting costumes. The Grinch himself, as well as the Whos of Whoville, are fun and simple costumes that many people enjoy.

In addition to religious plays, A Christmas Carol is a play that is commonly performed at Christmas. Children and adults alike can have a great time dressing up as Scrooge or the different ghosts of the play.

Christmas Party Costumes Alternatives

During Christmas parties, some people wear costumes to lighten the mood, spread Christmas cheer or just have a good time. In addition to full Christmas costumes, many party-goers choose to wear necklaces of Christmas lights, Christmas T-shirts and other apparel that is red or green in color. Some even wear novelty items, such as hats that have been decorated with mistletoe.

The most popular Christmas accessory and one that is often seen at Christmas parties is the Santa Claus hat. These are sold in nearly every grocery store, drug store and specialty store during the holiday season and come in a variety of colors. Many even light up and feature festive Christmas decorations!