Choosing The Right Toddler Party Food

Planning birthday party food for a group of toddlers and their parents can be a daunting task. What can you prepare that will please all your child’s guests? How much should you make? How much should you spend? Which birthday party food will make the least mess? When it comes to toddler party food, the best rule is to keep things simple.

Toddler Party Food: Don’t Overdo it

When planning birthday party food, don’t go overboard. The kids will be so busy having fun that they probably won’t eat a whole lot. It would be a shame to put hours into food preparation only to have your creations go uneaten. Have something salty, something sweet and something to sip on to keep your party guests satisfied.

Birthday Party Food: Consider the Time

What time of day will your toddler’s party take place? Plan it to fit in around naptime—either mid morning or late afternoon—and choose toddler party food to go with the time of day. If you’ll be serving a full meal, think about ordering pizza or another entr