Choosing Gifts For Teachers

If your children are school-age, you’ll need to think about teacher gifts a couple of times a year. One of those times is the end of the school year. The other is the holidays—and it can be a struggle to come up with good ideas for teachers’ Christmas gifts.

Particularly during the holidays, finding gifts for teachers may be at the bottom of your to-do list. However, teachers put a lot of hard work and sacrifice into educating children. They deserve careful consideration when shopping for a gift.

Overdone Teacher Gifts

Think twice before shopping for the first teacher gift ideas that spring to your mind—because it’s probably the first idea most other parents have, too. Visit the home of any teacher and you’re likely to find a virtual cornucopia of coffee mugs, figurines and Christmas ornaments. Female teachers in particular are also likely to receive a number of gift baskets with scented lotions and perfumes.

Especially around the holidays, shy away from giving baked goods or candy as gifts. Again, teachers receive many food-related gifts during the holidays, and they often would appreciate a different kind of gift.

Great Teacher Gift Ideas

The best teacher gift ideas are thoughtful or practical. Homemade teacher gifts are unique and almost always appreciated. For example, you and your child could work together to create a homemade gift basket. Or your child could give the teacher a hand-written thank-you letter at the end of the year.

If you know the teacher’s interests, finding good teacher gifts becomes a little easier. For example, if you know the teacher is into gardening or cooking, you could buy a book or a magazine subscription on the subject. Tickets to a local play would make a great gift for a teacher who actively supports community art.

Gift certificates always make great teacher gifts, as long as you put some thought into it. For example, have you noticed that the teacher always has to have her morning cup of coffee? Surprise her with a gift card to her favorite coffee shop. Or if you know your child’s teacher is a music fan, consider getting him a gift card to a music store.

One of the most thoughtful gifts for teachers is a gift basket full of office supplies or a gift certificate to an office store or bookstore. Teachers typically pay for classroom materials out of their own pockets, so a gift like this eases the burden a little and shows a real understanding of the sacrifices that teachers make for their students.