Choosing Gifts For New Parents

Babies are expensive, and new parents need a little bit of everything. While no one can give them the one thing they need most (sleep), a baby shower is a great opportunity to give new baby gifts that will hopefully make their lives a little easier once the baby arrives.

Gifts for Baby Showers

If the parents-to-be have a baby registry at a department store, finding new baby gifts is easy. Simply go to the store at which they’ve registered and ask for a printed version of their registry. You’ll get a detailed list of every baby item they’ve suggested as gifts. Baby registries can include everything from cribs and strollers to clothing and burp cloths. Simply select an item or two that fits your budget. When you check out, tell the cashier that it’s for a couple’s registry so that it can be checked off the list. This helps prevent duplicate items.

If the new parents don’t have a registry, never fear. It’s still easy to find good baby shower gifts. For example, baby clothes are always appreciated. Consider buying clothes a few sizes up from newborn, since many people tend to buy newborn clothes as gifts and babies grow out of them so quickly.

You could also put together a bath gift set. Buy a baby tub and fill it with baby shampoos, mild soap, washcloths, a hooded towel and a bath toy. Another idea is to put together a set of classic children’s books or movies.

Gifts for New Moms and New Dad Gifts

While most presents at a baby shower tend to be gifts for baby, a new mom will appreciate a few gifts that are just for her. New moms seldom think of themselves and rarely have any extra time once the newborn arrives, so thoughtful mom-specific gifts are always welcome.

One idea is to put together a hospital tote bag for the birth. Pack it with essentials and small luxuries, such as hair ties, toiletries, breath mints, non-perishable snacks, slippers, thick socks, makeup, nail-care products, and entertainment such as books or DVDs. You can even throw in a disposable camera or a journal so the new parents can record every exciting moment. Bubble baths and beauty products are also popular gifts for new moms.

Don’t forget new dad gifts. Fathers-to-be are often lost in the shuffle at baby showers. Look for gifts that allow the dad to take care of the new baby without sacrificing his macho image. For example, many baby stores carry diaper bags for men that resemble duffel bags or business totes. Jogging strollers and baby backpacks are also great new dad gifts. If you want to spring for something really special, consider upgrading his camera or video equipment so that he can capture images of his new family. Finally, consider treating the couple to a night out (complete with babysitting services) so they can take a break from new-parent duties.