Choosing Gifts For Mothers

Mothers sacrifice a lot for their kids. They selflessly give up their free time, money, energy and luxuries in exchange for raising happy and healthy families. So when Mother’s Day, Christmas or a birthday rolls around, you’ll want to honor your mom with some great gifts.

Traditional Gifts for Moms

A beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers is one of the quintessential traditional gifts for mothers. If you decide to go this route, don’t just pick up a bunch of flowers from the supermarket. Spend the extra time and money to give your mom a professionally designed bouquet of flowers. A twist on this idea is to give your mom edible arrangements, an idea that’s gaining popularity. Instead of flowers, artists arrange pieces of chocolate-dipped fruit into floral arrangements.

Other traditional gifts for moms include perfume (try to find out her preferred scent ahead of time, or get her something classic like Chanel No. 5), jewelry, makeup or scented candles. Gift baskets are great ideas, too, especially if your mom doesn’t often splurge on herself. A gift basket might contain gourmet food items, coffees, teas or wine. Non-food gift baskets could contain beauty products, bubble bath or scented lotions.

Special Gifts for Mom

If you really want to treat your mom to something special, try surprising her with something she never has: time spent pampering herself. Mothers seldom get to indulge in luxuries because they’re always putting everyone else’s needs before their own. Consider treating your mother to a day at a spa. If a full day is too much for your budget, you can always scale it down to a simple massage or a pedicure.

Another option is to take your mom out for a night on the town. Tickets to the theater, an art exhibit or a musical performance make great gifts for art-oriented moms. Or you could treat her to a special dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Budget-Conscious Gifts for Mothers

Although mothers almost always deserve the best when it comes to presents, sometimes it’s just not possible to spend a lot of money. Luckily, many great gifts for mothers are inexpensive or even free.

For example, you could treat your mother to breakfast in bed—a gift she’ll certainly appreciate if she’s normally the first one up every day. You could frame a photo of the two of you together. If you both enjoy shopping, you could set aside a special day for a shopping excursion with her. In many cases, the most valuable gifts for mothers simply involve giving her your time and attention, and that doesn’t cost anything at all.