Choosing Gifts For Fathers

Finding the perfect gift for dad is often viewed as a challenge. Men are notoriously hard to shop for, which is why the old standbys of ties, belts, golf balls and wallets still make popular Christmas and birthday gifts for men. But with a little planning and some imagination, you can surprise your dad with a great gift on Fathers’ Day, Christmas, his birthday or any other occasion.

Food and Drink Gifts for Dads

If your dad is a culinary expert (or even if he’s just an amateur), cooking or grilling essentials make great gifts for fathers. Consider upgrading your dad’s knife set or coffeemaker, or replacing a set of worn-out pots and pans. If your dad’s a grill master, think about getting him some new grill tools or a grilling tool belt for convenience.

If your dad loves food but isn’t handy in the kitchen or on the grill, you can still find an appropriate present. A bottle of fine wine or top-shelf liquor is a great gift for dad, especially if he doesn’t often splurge on these items. You could also treat him to a home-cooked meal or a night out at his favorite restaurant.

Sports-Themed Gifts for Fathers

Most dads don’t have enough time to themselves. Leisure time often takes a backseat to work, household chores and raising the kids. If your dad is a sports fan, consider surprising him with tickets to a sporting event to see his favorite team play. Or allow your dad to play his favorite sport by purchasing or upgrading equipment, such as golf clubs or a new bowling ball.

If your dad enjoys the outdoors more than competitive sports, you can still find great gift ideas. Camping enthusiasts can benefit from gear like tents, portable grills and warm sleeping bags. A snazzy personalized tote for his gear is a great idea for a dad who loves to fish.

Technology Gifts for Men

Many men are enamored with the latest technological toys and gadgets. If your dad falls into this category, a trip to the electronics store may be in order. Big-ticket items like TVs, laptop computers and gaming consoles make great gifts for dads.

But don’t go into the store without a plan. Instead, pay close attention to the technology your dad uses and what sacrifices he may have made for his family. For example, is he still using the same beat-up cell phone he bought on sale four years ago because it worked on the family plan? Consider upgrading him to a top-of-the-line phone with a data package. Is he a photography enthusiast without proper equipment? Then he’ll probably appreciate a new digital SLR camera and a tripod. Shop according to your dad’s wants and needs, and you should be able to find a gift that he’ll continue to enjoy for months or years.