Choosing Gifts For A Newly Married Couple

Etiquette dictates that guests at bridal showers and wedding receptions bring a gift to these events. Although cash is always a popular gift, it can be impersonal. A real gift may be a better choice. Fortunately, finding appropriate wedding gift ideas is easy, especially if the couple has created a registry.

Buying Wedding Gifts: The Registry

Wedding registries make it easier to pick out wedding gifts. A wedding registry is a wish list of specific items the couple would like to receive as gifts. The couple may register at a single department store, or they might have smaller registries at several different stores. You can find out where the couple is registered by asking them directly or checking with a parent of the bride or groom.

Traditionally, engaged couples registered for household items such as bed linens, kitchen tools and fine china, because they were moving in together for the first time and needed basic items to help them start a new life together. Nowadays, engaged couples are typically in their late twenties or older. They may have lived together for some time before the wedding and may already have most of the household items they need. So modern registries may include such nontraditional items as bathroom spas, sporting goods, electronics, books or movies.

You can print out a couple’s registry in person at the store to make buying wedding gifts easier. You’ll be able to view the couple’s wish list and see right away which items have already been purchased. When it’s time to check out, let the cashier know that you’re buying an item from a registry and provide the couple’s names. Doing so will ensure that your gift is checked off the registry and should eliminate duplicate wedding gifts. Most stores also have registries available online if you prefer shopping over the Internet.

Unique Gifts for Weddings

A wedding registry only offers suggestions—you’re not obligated to buy an item from it. And for one reason or another, you may not wish to use the couple’s registry for wedding gift ideas. For example, the couple may have registered for expensive items that are beyond your budget. Or perhaps you know the couple very well and feel that a registry gift would be impersonal. In that case, you may wish to give the couple a unique gift.

Unique gifts are easy to come by if you know the couple’s tastes and preferences. For example, a sporty couple might enjoy season tickets to see their favorite team play. Handy couples planning upgrades to their house might benefit from a new tool set or a gift card to a home-improvement store. Consider getting a musically minded couple a karaoke machine or tickets to a concert. The trick is to know where the couple’s interests lie and to find a gift that they can enjoy together after the wedding.