Choosing Gifts For A Girlfriend

Many men find themselves in unfamiliar territory when it comes to buying birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts for their girlfriends. It can be tempting to just give up and get her a gift card. But with some thought and planning, you can find perfect girlfriend gifts.

Romantic Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Whether your budget is large or small, you should be able to find gifts that have just the right romantic touch. If you have room in your budget, jewelry and perfume are classic gifts. For jewelry, look for elegant silver bracelets or stylish earrings, necklaces, rings or pendants. If you decide to buy perfume, try to find the scent your girlfriend likes. If you’re not sure, you can’t go wrong with a classic vanilla or floral scent.

If your girlfriend is more into technology than jewelry, consider getting her an MP3 player like a new iPod. Have it engraved for an extra romantic touch. Or buy her a new digital camera and spend a few weeks taking candid shots of her and of your lives together. Then wrap up the camera and present it to her along with the pictures you’ve taken.

For a very special treat, consider planning a romantic getaway. Make all the arrangements on your own, and surprise your girlfriend with two airplane tickets to a special destination.

If you don’t have the funds for jewelry, gadgets or a vacation, you can still find romantic girlfriend gift ideas. Most women love flowers and chocolate, so these are perfect girlfriend gifts. Don’t be lazy about it, though—go to a professional florist and have them create a stunning display of flowers. If you decide to buy her chocolate, don’t just get a box of chocolates from the drugstore—visit a high-end chocolate store and put together a delectable gift basket.

Practical Girlfriend Gift Ideas

If your girlfriend is more practical-minded, then the perfect girlfriend gifts are more likely to be something she’ll use regularly. Practical gifts for girlfriends don’t have to be boring, however. New clothes or a handbag are practical, but most women love to receive them as gifts. If you buy her new clothes, take note of her style and size before you go shopping. In general, it’s easier to buy tops, jackets and hats than it is to buy pants. Many women also appreciate comfortable around-the-house clothes like flannel pajamas and soft slippers. Lingerie has the most potential to offend her, so don’t buy it as a gift unless you’re absolutely sure of her size and tastes.

Kitchen appliances have a stigma of being borderline offensive—some women view them as harkening back to old-fashioned themes of keeping a woman in the kitchen. But if your girlfriend enjoys cooking, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get her a new kitchen gadget. Stainless steel pot sets, knife sets and stand mixers make great Christmas gifts. If your girlfriend isn’t handy in the kitchen, she might still appreciate an espresso machine or instant coffee maker.