Choosing Gifts For A Couple

Many situations in life call for an appropriate gift for a couple. These events include weddings, anniversaries or life changes like the birth or adoption of a baby. Alternatively, you may simply wish to give one gift to a couple at a holiday like Christmas. Finding great gifts for couples can seem difficult because you must take into account the personalities of two people when selecting a gift. The trick is to pick out a gift that the couple can enjoy together.

Romantic Gifts for Couples

If you’re buying a gift as a celebration of the couple’s love for each other (for a wedding or anniversary, for example), then the gift should have a romantic touch to it. The most romantic gifts allow the couple to spend quality time together. One such gift is a vacation—a cruise, perhaps, or just a weekend getaway. Choose a destination that’s romantic or that has special meaning to the couple. For example, if their first date was in New York City, a great gift would be a weekend stay in New York, complete with a dinner voucher and tickets to a Broadway show.

Budget-Friendly Romantic Gifts for Couple

What if you don’t have the money for a lavish gift like a weekend getaway? You can still find special and romantic couples gift ideas without breaking the bank. After all, most couples don’t need a complete vacation to rekindle romance.

If the couple has children, offer to play host to the kids for a night or two so the couple can have some uninterrupted time alone. If no kids are in the picture, treat them to a romantic dinner. You can find great deals on restaurant gift cards online, or you can cook dinner for them. Simply set up a table for two with elegant dishes and glassware, adding a vase with a single rose for a centerpiece. Then prepare a dinner and leave them alone to enjoy it, returning only to clean up afterward.

Another inexpensive gift idea for couples is a simple gift basket. These are most effective if you put the basket together yourself and design it around a theme. For example, you could put together a movie gift basket by buying a movie that you know the couple enjoy but don’t already own, and putting it in a new popcorn bucket along with a packet of microwave popcorn and other snacks. Wine gift baskets, gourmet food or baskets filled with fancy coffees and teas also make great gifts for couples.