Childproofing The Garage And Other Outdoor Areas

Childproofing the garage is essential to keep your young family safe. Garages are home to dangerous heavy equipment, sharp objects, hazardous chemicals and more.

Childproofing the Garage: Keeping Your Children Safe
The first step to childproof the garage is to install a lock on the door leading from the inside of the house. This will help to keep children out of the garage unsupervised, as well as keep them safe from any stairs that lead to the garage.

If you have a workbench or keep tools in the garage, make sure this area is kept off limits. Lock away all power tools and sharp or small objects, and carefully clean the area when you are done working. Sawdust and other easy-to-ingest objects can be unsafe for your child.

The garage door is another dangerous aspect of the outdoors, particularly if you have an automatic garage door opener. Make sure this device operates smoothly, can reverse easily and is well balanced. If it’s not working properly, have the system serviced or disconnected. The switch and your remote door opener should be out of your child’s reach at all times.

Childproofing a Home: Other Outdoor Areas of Concern
Your backyard and the outdoor space around your home can be the primary place for your children to play. Make sure that potentially dangerous areas have been sufficiently childproofed, such as:

• Playground equipment: Swings, jungle gyms and other climbing equipment should always be sturdy. Don’t allow young children near playground equipment without supervision.

• Pools: These fun spots can also be dangerous for young children. In addition to the risk of drowning, pool chemicals can be harmful if ingested and pool toys can be choking hazards. If you can, install a fence with a locked gate around your pool, and as early as possible, educate your children about safe pool use.

• Sheds: Like a garage, these areas commonly store hazardous chemicals such as gasoline, cleaners and pool supplies. They can also house dangerous yard tools like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and weed whackers. Make sure your shed is securely locked at all times.

Home Childproofing: Keeping Hazardous Garage Materials Out of Reach
Many people use their garages for storing a number of things, like laundry supplies, automobile liquids and cleaning chemicals. If possible, install a locked cabinet away from your child’s reach to store these hazardous materials.

Another option is to buy a closet for all your chemicals that can be locked. When you have children, safely storing chemicals in the garage is a must.