Childproofing Furniture And Windows Around The House

Childproofing furniture is an important step toward keeping your children safe and preserving your housewares. Childproof your windows to prevent your children from escaping, cutting themselves on broken glass or tragically falling from the opening.

Childproofing Furniture: Keeping Children Safe From Sharp Edges
Some of the most useful childproof products on the market today are corner and edge bumpers. These items help protect crawling babies and wobbly young children from the sharp corners of tables, fireplaces and other common household items.

Another risk regarding furniture and children is tipping. Secure unstable furniture to the wall with tethers. Many pieces of furniture could easily topple if drawers are pulled out and a child is climbing.

Televisions and other heavy appliances should sit on a strong stand, rest on the ground or be securely tethered to a wall. Keep furniture away from railings, windows or other hazards where a child could fall.

You may want to protect your furniture from your children. Aim for upholstery with higher thread counts because the weave is tighter and more durable. Consider using washable slipcovers on your furniture, particularly if they are light colored. Slipcovers can extend the life of your furniture and they are far easier to clean.

A Childproof House Starts With the Windows
Windows can pose many dangers. They are a way for a child to get outside without your knowledge, a sharp hazard when broken and a means for your child to fall. These accidents can be avoided if you carefully childproof your windows.

Purchase a childproof latch to secure windows within your child’s reach. This will ensure that the windows do not open more than four inches. Latches are available for traditional windows, sliding glass doors and closets. Be careful to not install a window guard or gate, more extreme forms of protection, on windows that are needed as emergency exits.

Make sure to keep heavy or hard objects out of the reach of children. Fireplace tools and other home items can break a window with just a light tap, particularly if the windows are older, single-pane models.

When children and guns share a home, most parents exercise the utmost caution to keep the two completely separate. Equal attention must be given to other safety measures around the home, like furniture and window dangers.