Child Safety Devices For The Home

Child safety devices like smoke detectors, anti-scald water devices and safety gates can enhance your childproofing efforts. These devices can help keep your children safe from fire, toxic gases, falls and burns.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Key Child Safety Devices

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside each bedroom and near any other areas where your family sleeps. These detectors will alert your family to smoke and fire.
Establish an escape plan in case of fire, including a meeting spot in case people get separated. A meeting spot should be at a safe distance from the home, perhaps in front of a neighbor’s house.
Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are important in a home; this toxic gas is odorless and colorless. CO is produced by stoves, fireplaces or internal combustion engines when not properly ventilated. Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches and fatigue, while prolonged exposure can result in brain damage or death.
Change the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms at least once a year.

Anti-Scald Water Devices: Keeping Children Safe From Hot Water

You can attach these simple devices to faucets and shower heads to prevent the water from reaching a certain temperature. Most cap water temperatures at 120 degrees to prevent burns and scars.
At that temperature, you’d need to hold your hand under a water stream for more than five minutes to produce a burn. However, it’s still warm enough that it will force your child to remove his hand from the water.

Safety Gates: Easy Devices to Childproof Homes

Stairs can be major hazards for children as they begin to crawl and walk; safety gates can prevent children from accidentally falling down a flight of stairs. These gates aim to keep children from entering rooms or other areas of the house that pose possible dangers.
Even after childproofing furniture and taking other precautionary measures, some rooms aren’t safe for children. Use safety gates that meet current safety standards and replace all older devices; out-of-date or broken models can fall on children or entrap children’s heads or hands.