Change Your Clothes Tips For Giving Your Wardrobe A Funky Crafty Face Lift

Sick of wearing the same old plain-Jane staples, week after week? Want to update your wardrobe, but don’t have the budget for a full closet overhaul? With a little creativity, a couple of supplies and some elbow grease, you can update your wardrobe and inject it with some crafty creativity.

Make it Vintage: Updating Modern Ensembles With Classic Flourishes

When done right, re-imagined vintage-inspired looks can be both modern and timeless.
Add a romantic, old-school twist to your wardrobe by mixing and matching old and new:

  • Pair pins, brooches or other embellishments to contemporary jackets and dresses for a classic look.
  • Sew vintage patches and school letters onto solid cardigans and denim jackets for a throwback look.
  • Throw a vintage-era scarf over a contemporary outfit.

DIY Clothing Alterations: Learning to Sew

Sewing is a dying art, but knowing how to sew is the number-one tool a DIY fashionista can have in her arsenal. If you find an almost-perfect secondhand piece in a consignment store, at a rummage sale or in the back of your aunt’s closet, taking the time to fix a fallen hemline, sew on a missing button or shorten sleeves can make an old piece modern and fresh.
With a needle, some thread and a little patience, you can:

  • Hem your pants to ensure that they’re the perfect length: In heels, the pant should cover your instep without grazing the floor. In flats, your hemline should brush the tops of your feet but not cover your toes.
  • Upgrade your buttons: For a quick and stylish upgrade, switch out the standard-issue buttons on a vintage coat or blouse for colorful or engraved buttons.
  • Get creative with your seams: Tapering a vintage-style skirt can provide a sleek and sophisticated silhouette.

  • Change an article of clothing entirely: Experienced sewers can turn pants into shorts or a long skirt, make a romper from a dress or design flattering cutouts in an otherwise-stuffy piece.

Embroidery is another great way to inject a little uniqueness to plain staples, and it’s easier than it looks. Print out simple patterns online and sew a colorful monogram on a plain sweater, add a tiny flower to the pocket of your jeans, or stitch a pretty hem on a dress or skirt.

Making Your Own Chic Accessories

Great accessories can be just as expensive as clothing, and any fashion connoisseur knows that accessories can make or break a look. Instead of spending as much on trendy accessories as you would on your ensembles, create your own statement pieces with found materials and a bit of ingenuity:

  • For a pretty and unique brooch, remove an old watch face from its band and secure your creation to a bar pin with strong glue. You can do the same with a single vintage earring.
  • Secure vintage pins, brooches and clip-on earrings to plain flats with shoe clasps for a glamorous update.

Tie a colorful vintage scarf to a solid-colored bag for an easy, inexpensive accessory update.