Cat Breed Characteristics

Cats are one of the most popular choices for a household pet. In fact, with more than 100 million pet cats in the United States alone, there are more households with cats than with dogs.

Cats are devoted pets that are affectionate and loving to their owners. However, some people think that cats are haughty creatures that show little affection. In order to ensure that you choose a cat with desirable characteristics and a great personality, it”s important to gather information on the different cat breeds.

Quick Cat Fact

Studies show that petting a cat is good for your health and can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Cat Breeds: Defining Characteristics

There are more than 100 recognized breeds of domestic cats. Some cats are the result of natural breeding, while others are the result of specific breeding practices. When it comes to cat breed characteristics, the features that breeders look at are:

  • body type
  • coat color
  • eye color
  • length of coat.

Each cat breed is identified by specific characteristics of the above-listed traits.

Cat Breed Personality and Appearance

In addition to different physical characteristics, different cat breeds will often feature different personality traits. Knowing about the cat personality of different breeds can help you make a good decision when it comes to choosing a cat for your home.

Here”s some information on some of the most popular breeds:

  • Abyssinian: This cat breed is one of the oldest. These cats come in red, fawn and blue colors and possess an energetic and affectionate personality.
  • American Curl: This breed has ears that curl away from the face and comes in a wide range of colors. They are active cats with an affectionate nature.
  • American Shorthair: These cats are popular due to the short length of their coats. They were the first pedigreed breed to gain recognition in the United States. American Shorthairs tend to be quiet and very even-tempered, which makes them good pets for families with children.
  • Bombay: Because of their sleek black coat and golden eyes, these cats are likened to panthers in appearance. These cats are playful and love to sit in the laps of their families. They are also very intelligent.
  • Chartreux: An older breed, these cats first appeared in France. These cats are blue-grey in color and have a woolly appearance to their coat. They attach quickly to their family and are attentive and gentle.
  • Egyptian Mau: This breed is the only natural spotted breed of domestic cat. They feature striking green eyes and an easy temperament. The early Egyptians placed a high value on these cats.
  • Maine Coon: The origins of this cat are shrouded in legend. Some say they are the result of a cat and a raccoon, while others say they are the descendants of Marie Antoinette”s royal French cats. Maine Coons are the only native long hair breed of the United States and have become a very popular option for a pet. They are intelligent and get along well with humans and other animals.
  • Russian Blue: This cat has a blue coat with silver tips on each hair, giving it a luminous sheen. This breed is great for busy people, as they can entertain themselves and are quiet. Although a bit shy around strangers, Russian Blues are very loving and playful with their families.
  • Siamese: A very popular breed, Siamese cats have distinctive blue eyes and dark-colored points on their ears, faces, tails, etc. These intelligent cats originated in Thailand. Siamese like to vocalize and communicate and enjoy being around people.

Whatever breed of cat you choose, it is important to do some research to make sure that the type of breed you want will fit in well with your family. Since so many different breeds of cats are readily available, it shouldn”t be hard to find one that will become a loving member of your family.