Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a great way to honor a bride-to-be. While a bride”s maid of honor or maiden of honor traditionally throws the bridal shower, friends, family and co-workers of the bride can host a bridal shower too.

Choosing the Location to Host a Bridal Shower

There are a number of places to host a bridal shower. While some people rent out elaborate banquet halls in which to toast the bride-to-be, other people simply have a cocktail and appetizer party in their homes or a tea party in their backyards.

When picking the location of the bridal shower, be sure to keep the bride in mind. While some brides will feel comfortable in ritzy settings, others might feel out of place and would prefer to celebrate in a familiar spot.

Keep in mind that the bride”s favorite restaurant or bar might be a perfect spot to throw a bridal shower! Contact the spot in advance and ask them if they have a room that you can rent for the shower. If you have a lot of people coming, you might consider renting the entire venue for a few hours.

Picking the Date for the Bridal Shower

Before setting the date for the bridal shower, make sure you check with the bride to see which dates work best for her. You wouldn”t want your guest of honor to be out of town the day of your event!

Often, weekends are the best time to host a bridal shower. You can throw your party during the day or at night. Again, the likes and dislikes of the bride you”re honoring will impact when you decide to hold the party.

Tips for a Perfect Bridal Shower

Here are a few tips that will help your bridal shower go off without a hitch!

  • Asking for Gifts: Traditionally, guests bring gifts for the bride to the bridal shower. Sometimes, the bridal shower has a lingerie theme, and people bring the bride sexy undergarments to wear on her honeymoon. However, if the bride is registered at a store, you might ask the guests to bring gifts from her registry.
  • Creating the Guest List: When making the guest list, remember that this party is to honor the bride. You”ll want to invite the people who are important in her life. If you don”t know who to invite, ask the bride. She”ll likely be more than happy to provide you with the names and addresses of friends and family.
  • Planning the Games: Often, bridal showers feature fun games. You might ask your guests to make bridal gowns out of toilet paper. Have the bride judge the gowns and give a prize to the winner!Another fun bridal shower game is to play a trivia game about the bride. Make fun and interesting questions about the guest of honor in advance and award a prize to the guest who answers the most questions correctly.
  • Sending the Invitations: Send the invitations far enough in advance to allow people to RSVP. This will make planning a lot easier, as you will know how much food and drink you”ll need.Also, consider making your own invitations for the party. Ask for an old photo of the bride and have it printed on cards. Everyone will enjoy seeing the newly engaged gal in earlier times!
  • Setting the Scene: No matter where you”ll host the party, you”ll want to have it decorated. You might want to display childhood photos of the bride and have a guestbook at the door for people to write thoughts and wishes.Place flowers, candles, streamers, balloons and more throughout the party area. Again, you”ll want to take the tastes of the bride into consideration when decorating. For instance, if you know the bride will be honeymooning in Hawaii, you can have a Hawaiian theme, complete with leis, tropical drinks and tiki torches.

Hosting a bridal shower is a wonderful way to show your support and happiness for the new bride-to-be. With a little planning and forethought, your bridal shower will be a hit with everyone, especially the guest of honor!