Birthday Gift Ideas

A birthday is a special occasion. Unlike Christmas or other major holidays, a birthday celebrates one individual person on a specific day of the year. For this reason, birthday gifts should be special and thoughtful.

Pay close attention to your recipient’s personal interests, likes and dislikes, and shop accordingly. This is especially crucial if you’re shopping for a significant other. You’re not looking for “gifts for me;” you’re looking for gifts for the most important person in your life. Try to keep your own tastes and preferences out of the gift-buying process.

Gifts for Her

Many women love to receive clothing as birthday gifts. If you choose to go this route, pay close attention to the style and color of clothing she prefers. Stick with clothing that has a classic cut, such as a top or a jacket. Avoid anything fitted and stay away from pants, skirts or other items that women don’t buy without trying them on first. Accessories such as purses, wallets, scarves, hats and jewelry also make great birthday gifts.

If the woman in your life spends more time taking care of other people than herself, consider a gift that allows her some much-needed pampering. Foot baths, luxurious bathrobes, bubble baths, lotions and fragrances are good birthday gift ideas. If you have a little more room in your budget, consider splurging on a spa gift certificate or a mini-vacation.

Gifts for Him

Most men enjoy receiving sports-related birthday gifts. If he’s a golfer, a new set of golf clubs would be a great gift. Most sports fans appreciate tickets to see their favorite team in action.

If he’s more into technology, consider buying him a new gadget or upgrading one he already has, such as a cell phone, music player, laptop, netbook or GPS system. If he’s a photographer, consider upgrading his camera equipment.

Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays, such as a 21st birthday or 50th birthday typically require an extra-special gift. A 21st birthday is a celebration of a person’s official entry into adulthood. In addition to being able to legally drink alcohol, people turning 21 are often getting ready to graduate college and start a career. Birthday gifts for a 21-year-old might include a new computer, money or a bottle of wine.

A 50th-birthday celebration is also special, but it can be difficult to find a gift to honor a half-century of life. Consider giving nostalgic birthday gifts, such as a collection of music from the person’s childhood. Alternatively, you could collect photos from family members and arrange them in a special keepsake photo album or scrapbook. Finally, if your budget allows it, a 50th birthday is a great excuse for a weekend getaway or a vacation to an exotic destination.