Best Places To Retire Cost Location Climate More

Some countries and regions are particularly appealing to those who are considering an overseas retirement. The best places to retire often share similar qualities, since many older people are looking for the same things. For example, many couples looking at where to retire on a fixed income choose countries with a lower cost of living. Some older people find that the best places to retire are those that offer national healthcare to ex-patriots or accept U.S. health insurance policies. Deciding where to retire may also be based on available activities, infrastructure, safety or proximity to the United States.

Best Places to Retire: Cost

Many popular retirement destinations offer beneficial U.S. currency conversion rates and minimal living costs, which means older people who choose to retire in these countries can stretch their savings further than they could in the United States. To take advantage of some of the best low cost, sunny destinations, retire in Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama or Costa Rica. Some Southeast Asian destinations are also inexpensive places to retire.

Bear in mind that a low cost of living may be accompanied by minimal infrastructure; roads and public services may not always be ideal and shopping and restaurants may be harder to find.

Best Places to Retire: Other Factors

As you think about where to retire, be sure to consider other intangible factors, such as cultural richness, natural beauty and warm climates. If you want scenery, the best places to retire are located near breathtaking mountains, quiet beaches and UNESCO world heritage sites.

If you plan to make many return trips to the United States, you may want to retire in Mexico, Central America or South America, where you’ll be within easy traveling distance of home.

Retirement Perks in Other Places

More and more countries are developing programs to attract overseas retirees. For example, Panama offers a “pensionado program” that provides public transportation and entertainment discounts for older people. Malaysia tries to promote relocation by offering 10-year renewable multi-entry visas.