Bachelor Party

A bachelor party honors the groom-to-be and marks his transition from bachelorhood to married life. Typically, bachelor parties feature rowdy behavior, excessive drinking and trips to the local strip club. However, bachelor parties don”t have to be nights of debauchery. Some guys would prefer to spend their bachelor party playing poker or watching the game at the ballpark.

Typically, the groom”s best man is in charge of throwing the bachelor party. However, friends, family and co-workers of the groom can throw the bachelor party too.

Where to Host a Bachelor Party

There are a number of places to host a bachelor party. While some people rent out elaborate banquet halls in which to toast the groom-to-be, other people simply have a barbeque in their backyards.

When picking the location of the bachelor party, be sure to keep the groom in mind. While some men will feel comfortable in ritzy settings, others might feel out of place and would prefer to celebrate in a familiar spot.

Keep in mind that the groom”s favorite restaurant or bar might be a perfect spot to throw a bachelor party! Contact the spot in advance and ask them if they have a room that you can rent for the party. If you have a lot of people coming, you might consider renting the entire venue for a few hours.

Also, remember that you don”t have to stay in one location for the entire bachelor party. You might consider renting a limo or party bus and moving the party from location to location

Choosing the Date

Before setting the date for the bachelor party, make sure you check with the groom to see which dates work best for him. You wouldn”t want your guest of honor to be out of town the day of your event!

Often, weekends are the best time to host a bachelor party. You can throw your party during the day or at night. Again, the likes and dislikes of the groom you”re honoring will impact when you decide to hold the party.

Tips for an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

Here are a few tips that will help your bachelor party go off without a hitch

  • Making the Guest List: When making the guest list, remember that this party is to honor the groom. You”ll want to invite the people who are important in his life. If you don”t know who to invite, ask the groom. He”ll likely be more than happy to provide you with the names and addresses of friends and family.
  • Planning the Festivities: Often, bachelor parties feature wild festivities. You might plan to bring the groom to the local strip club, or you might want to take him to see his favorite band. When planning the festivities, make sure they are things that the groom will enjoy. You don”t want the groom to be uncomfortable at his own party.
  • Sending the Invitations: Send the invitations far enough in advance to allow people to RSVP. This will make planning a lot easier, as you will know how much food and drink you”ll need.Also, consider making your own invitations for the party. Ask for a goofy photo of the groom-to-be and have it printed on cards. Everyone will enjoy seeing the newly engaged guy in a funny photo!
  • Setting the Scene: No matter where you”ll host the party, you”ll want to have it decorated. You might want to display childhood photos of the groom and have a guestbook at the door for people to write thoughts and wishes.You”ll want to take the tastes of the groom into consideration when decorating. For instance, if the groom is a huge Montreal Maple Leafs fan, have the place decorated in the hockey club”s colors. You could even display a signed jersey and give it to the groom as a gift.

Hosting a bachelor party is a wonderful way to show your support and happiness for your newly engaged friend. With a little planning and forethought, your bachelor party will be a hit with everyone, especially the guest of honor!