Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a celebration for expectant parents and a way of welcoming a soon-to-be newborn into the world. They are called showers because they provide an opportunity to “shower” gifts on the new parents. These gifts range from practical to luxurious and are a way of easing the financial strain that expectant parents can feel. New parents often receive most necessary items for their babies at a shower.

Gifts for Baby

Choosing baby shower gifts is often a simple task because most new parents create a registry at a department or baby store. Registries can include anything from furniture such as cribs or changing tables to clothing, decor or small appliances.

You should easily find baby shower gifts on the registry that fit your budget. If the parents have created a baby registry, avoid straying from it. While you may wish to give unique shower gifts, most new parents put a lot of careful thought into their registries, and they’ve chosen the listed items for a reason.

If the parents haven’t created a baby registry, you’ll have to be creative. Err on the side of practical gifts. For example, washcloths and baby cleaning supplies can be attractively bundled and placed in a diaper pail or baby bath. Baby clothing is always a welcome gift, but don’t forget to shop for larger sizes so the baby has some items to grow into.

Finally, if you’re really not sure what to get, the hostess may be able to give you some suggestions as to the parents’ wants or needs.

Shower Hostess Gifts

If the shower is being held in your honor, don’t forget the hostess when buying baby shower gifts. Baby shower hostesses put a lot of time and energy into throwing the perfect party for the mother-to-be and usually appreciate a thoughtful gift. Good shower hostess gifts include gift baskets with relaxing bubble baths and oils. Fancy chocolates and wine also make a good gift.

Other Gifts for Baby

The baby shower isn’t the end of gifts for baby. Once the baby arrives, you’ll have plenty of additional gift-giving occasions. For many Christian families, these may include a christening or baptism, and for Jewish families there may be a bris.

For these events you may wish to give items like jewelry or money, which the parents will keep safe until the child is old enough to appreciate them. Other gifts for baby may include a photo album or a homemade baby blanket.