Anniversaries mark notable milestones in any relationship, venture or journey. While some celebrate the anniversary of opening a business, others relish the anniversaries of their romantic relationships. Whether you have been with a loved one for one month, one year or one decade, be sure to honor your relationship and your partner on your next anniversary.

When it comes to planning an anniversary date, some people feel incredible pressure to plan something extraordinary that will completely wow their partner. Although spending a ton of money on an extravagant date is one way to make your next anniversary memorable, you dont have to clear out your bank account to impress your other half. With a little thought, you can design a special date that will be meaningful to both of you.

Some ideas for an anniversary date include:

  • buying a dog together
  • going to a concert
  • going to a day spa for a couple”s massage
  • taking a hot air balloon ride
  • turning a bedroom into a romantic setting, complete with rose petals and candles
  • skydiving.

As you are choosing between various options, start by deciding how much you want to spend, as well as the day on which you want to plan your date. While your actual anniversary may be on a Tuesday, you will have a great deal more options if you plan to celebrate the occasion on a Friday or Saturday instead.

In this section, we will provide anniversary date and gift ideas to help you plan your next anniversary. Our articles outline anniversary ideas based on the length of time you and your partner have been together.

Anniversary Gifts

The gift you give you partner on your anniversary depends on how long you have been together, as well as how much you can afford to spend. For example, a person whos been a relationship for ten years is more likely to spend more money on a gift for his partner than someone else who has only been with his partner for six months.

However, keep in mind that some of the best gifts are the ones that are more thoughtful, rather than expensive. If you and your partner have children, for instance, hiring a sitter so that you two can have a night on the town may be more special than spending money you dont have on a fancy piece of jewelry. Keep reading for more ideas on anniversary gifts.

First Anniversary

Spending a year dating (or married) to someone calls for celebration, indeed! On your first anniversary with your loved one, plan a date on which you will spend time together enjoying each others company. While giving your partner a gift is a thoughtful gesture, dedicating time to showing how much you appreciate this person in your life is the best way to spend your anniversary.

One idea for your first anniversary date is to plan activities for you and your partner to do for an entire day or weekend. For example, after going to a leisurely brunch, you two can go horseback riding, visit a spa for massages and then go to a fancy dinner. Read on for more ideas on how to enjoy a memorable first anniversary.

Renewing Vows

After spending years married to your partner, renewing your vows on a milestone anniversary, such as your 10th or 50th wedding anniversary, is a wonderful way to show your partner that you are still in love and committed to your relationship. While planning a vow renewal ceremony is far less complicated that planning a wedding, it still does require some thought to choosing a venue, hiring a minister and creating a guest list. Keep reading for tips and advice on planning to renew your wedding vows.