Activities For Singles Singles On Summer Vacation

The summertime’s the best time to be single. The combination of long days of sunny weather with a relaxed work schedule and the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you please–that’s a recipe for a wonderful few months. But all this freedom often comes a dilemma: What the heck should you do on summer vacation, when all of your coupled friends are off on vacation together?

Sure, you have a few ideas; the corner bar and nightclub come to mind. But what else? Lucky for you, activities for singles on summer vacation are endless. All of them might not be for you, but another joy of being single is the freedom to pick and choose based on your own interests and no one else’s.

Participating in singles activities doesn’t mean searching desperately for a partner. In many cases, single adults opt for “singles-only” events so they’re not surrounded by couples and kids wherever they go. These events are often sophisticated and well-planned, and cater to people traveling alone. They also often provide an environment that’s low-pressure, but conducive to meeting other people. Some of the best activities for singles aren’t even “singles-only”–they’re simply events that provide an open, fun environment for people of all ages, single or taken.

Some summer activities are great for couples, others for kids. But these ten activities are our favorites for adventurous singles who want to meet new people and try new things, and have the freedom in their schedules to do so.

#1 Local outdoor concerts

Summer is a great time for outdoor events, and open-air concerts are one of the top activities for singles. From big-name concerts in outdoor amphitheaters to local acts at the summer fair, concerts are a great way to relax, enjoy new music and meet people.

#2 Bike tours

Bike tours are an ideal way to see local sites while getting exercise, but group tours with families and children can slow you down. Luckily, singles bike tours are a growing trend around the world. You can participate in a bike tour from Prague to Vienna or bike across Italy with similar singles, or consider a bike tour in your local area to see the sights in a new way.

#3 “Adults-only” pool parties

A pool party for your two-year-old nephew in swimmies and goggles, this is not. Popularized in places like Las Vegas and San Diego, swanky hotels all over now offer their version of the singles summer favorite. These pool parties often feature DJs, dancing and tasty cocktails around the pool.

#4 Travel for singles

Traveling while on summer vacation might seem like a no-brainer, but you might not know travel packages exist specifically geared toward singles. Always wanted to go island-hopping in Greece, but didn’t want to go solo or with a group of couples and families? Oodles of travel companies offer packages catered specifically for singles, and they go all over the world.

#5 Dance lessons

Again, going out to a nightclub and getting your dance moves on is hands down one of the top singles events, but for those looking more for a singles-friendly atmosphere, organized dances only for singles exist. You can also polish up