A Retiree S Dream Retiring To Prescott Arizona

Prescott is one of Arizona’s most renowned retirement communities, and is considered one of the top locations for retirees in the United States. Retiring in Prescott, Arizona will provide retirees with breathtaking natural scenery, numerous cultural activities and a climate that is much milder than the rest of the state.

The Essential Facts of Prescott, Arizona

Prescott is an elevated city, situated in the mountains of northern Arizona and surrounded by the dense flora of the million-acre Prescott National Forest. These reasons alone have made Prescott an extremely popular location for retirees who consider themselves amateur nature enthusiasts. The average temperature in Prescott is about 69 degrees Fahrenheit, considerably lower than the average in many other parts of the state.
Before Arizona became the last state of the contiguous U.S. to be added to the Union in 1912, Prescott served as the then-territory’s capital. The city’s historical reputation is considerable, with hundreds of its locations certified in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Attractions of a Retirement in Prescott

In addition to the natural features that distinguish Prescott by sight alone, the city features a multitude of activities and cultural destinations that will be enjoyable to many individuals retiring in Arizona
Chief among these attractions is Whiskey Row, the city’s famous downtown area. Various historically significant locations in Prescott can be found here. One of these is the St. Michael’s Hotel which has stood since 1901 and is still a full-service hotel with dining and gambling facilities. The Courthouse Plaza area, which is nearby, serves as the focal point of Prescott’s downtown area. Craft fairs, local antiques shows and art exhibitions are often held here.

Costs of Retiring in Prescott

Prescott can be a fairly expensive location for your Arizona retirement. The average cost of a home is about $200,000, a good deal higher than the approximate $140,000 state-wide median. Conversely, this cost is lower than what you’ll find in major cities like Tucson and Phoenix.

Health Concerns for Retirees in Prescott

Prescott’s location in the mountains is at a fairly high elevation, slightly more than 5,000 feet above sea level. This height provides for air that is largely free of impurities, but may be thinner than sea-level air. If you have any moderate or serious heart or respiratory health problems, you will want to be sure you can get access to the proper health care and medicine when retiring in Arizona.