A Premier Italian Designer The Legacy Of Roberto Cavalli

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has seemingly reinvented the concept of clothing for women. With figure-clinging designs and feminine printed fabrics, Cavalli is known for his sexy take on fashion. To accentuate the beauty and femininity Cavalli strives for in his clothing designs, the designer began creating his own handbags. These practical, yet fun and wild accessories always scream “glam.”

Roberto Cavalli: World Class Italian Style

A master of leopard prints and plunging necklines, Roberto Cavalli is known for his fashion-forward handbag designs. Cavalli made waves in the fashion industry in the 70s when he invented a new printing technique for leather. He had originally started painting t-shirts after attending the Florence Art Academy. Eventually, the women summering in Capri, Italy, and Saint-Tropez, France, gravitated to the colorful and artistic scenes designed on his handbags, and Cavalli’s name quickly rose in the world of fashion.
Cavalli first launched his official handbag line in Paris, and his first boutique in Saint-Tropez in 1972. His fashion house was founded in Florence. Italy, in the early 60s.
Cavalli is still designing for his label, despite being over 60 years old. In addition to handbags, the label also includes:
• Childrens wear
• Jeans
• Men’s wear
• Vodka
• Women’s wear.

What Are Roberto Cavalli Handbags Like?

Known for his lavish lifestyle, Cavalli’s fashions seem to be inspired by his luxurious life in Tuscany, Italy, complete with his pool and a custom yacht. His fashionable handbags, as well as his clothing lines and other iconic designs, often feature animal prints, bright colors and studded patterns. One of his most popular handbag lines is called the Diva Bag. These leather must-haves feature tons of space, many zippered compartments and intricate stitching.

How Much Do Cavalli’s “It-Bags” Cost?

Roberto Cavalli handbags can vary greatly in price, from the $600 range to well above $2,000.

Celebrity Style: Roberto Cavalli Handbags in Hollywood

Style-conscious stars like Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Elle Macpherson, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted with Roberto Cavalli signature handbags on their arms. His satchel handbags and other exotic totes are perfect for jet-setting celebrities and those who wish to accessorize like the stars.
Cavalli isn’t the only European on the celebrity style radar. Italian Designer Giorgio Armani is incredibly popular with the rich and famous around the world.