75th Birthday

A 75th birthday is a great time to get family members of the honoree together to celebrate, as its a milestone that not everyone even reaches.

Even if family members live far away from one another, getting everyone together is important for a 75th birthday. Having everyone in attendance will mean a lot to the birthday honoree.

Start planning a 75th birthday party well in advance to make sure that you have enough time to coordinate with everyone pick a date that suits all family members.

If most members of the family live in one location, choose that location for the party, even if it means some other family members will have to fly or drive a bit of a distance to attend the party.

75th Birthday Gift Ideas

By the time someone has a 75th birthday, it can be difficult to find an appropriate present. The best ideas are to have family members contribute photos of the honoree for a scrapbook. This should also be coordinated well in advance, to give people ample time to go through and find photos to contribute.

Have family members write down memories or things they like about the honoree on scrapbook pages as well. The book you create can be from the whole family, and the effort will be highly appreciated by the 75th birthday party honoree.

75th Birthday Locations and Food

As for the party itself, popular ideas are to hold a party at either a house or at a ballroom of a hotel or restaurant. Hotels and restaurants make for easier cleanup and often have more room than homes, so if there are many guests attending, this is a better idea.

Restaurants and hotels often provide servers or staff members to help with parties as well, so this can mean less stress and work for the party planners during the big event.

Food can be catered or brought in from family members. Favorite dishes of the honoree should be served, as well as snacks and appetizers beforehand. One idea that can save some money in this area is to buy platters of food from grocery stores or stores like Costco. Platters are an easy way to feed a lot of people with little effort.

Music can be handled by getting a DJ or simply making CDs or an iPod playlist ahead of time. Pick songs that the honoree has liked throughout their life, and group them into decades to play throughout the night. End with the honorees current favorite music and songs during cake or dessert.

A 75th birthday cake can either be homemade or bought from a bakery or grocery store. Another alternative is to provide individual desserts, like cupcakes or brownies, with a candle in the honorees dessert.

Toward the end of the party, family members can share memories they have of spending time with the honoree. Another great idea is to create a timeline of the honorees life, complete with photos, and play it as a slideshow for the party guests.