60th Birthday

A 60th birthday is a milestone that can be celebrated with a large party for family and friends, or with a simple dinner party and an evening at home relaxing and talking with just a few guests. The preferences of the guest of honor should be taken into account, as this is their big day.

For 60th birthdays, most people choose to have parties at a house, whether inside or in a backyard, or at the honorees favorite restaurant.


Having a 60th birthday party catered with the honorees favorite type of food is the simplest way to provide food for a large group of people.

If the party budget doesnt allow for catering, stores like Costco sell large platters of food that are perfect for large parties.

Another option is to ask friends and family members to each make a dish they know the honoree likes. Assign certain people to bring appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, drinks and desserts. One person can be assigned to make the birthday cake, or you can order a cake through a bakery or grocery store.

Barbecues are also a great idea for a 60th birthday party. Guests can relax indoors or outside, lounge by the pool, talk or enjoy games like badminton or horseshoes. Appetizers like chips, fruit, vegetables and crackers can be put out ahead of time while guests are waiting for the main dishes to cook.

Themes and Activities

“Over the hill” is a popular, though overdone, 60th birthday party theme, but one twist on this is to focus the partys theme on memories and life events of the honoree.

With the invitations, send out a questionnaire on the honorees best qualities, peoples favorite memories of the honoree, etc. Have guests return the questionnaire by mail or e-mail, and then pick the best answers to read at the party. Alternatively, people can write their answers on paper at the party itself and answers can be displayed on a table or wall.

Theme ideas can come from the honorees favorite activities or hobbies. If the honoree is a golfer, use his or her golf tees and golf balls to create centerpieces for the party tables. This will save money on decorations and also make the party festive and personalized.

“Golden Oldies” is a popular 60th birthday party theme. Flip on an oldies radio station or get people to bring CDs of oldies music to the party. Decorations can include golden, plates, napkins, balloons and more to complete the motif.

A Low-Key 60th Birthday Party

Invite family members and a few close friends over for dinner and a game or movie night at the honorees house or the home of a family member.

Let the honoree choose her favorite movie or game for everyone. Have food delivered or cook the honorees favorite dish beforehand. A cake or the honorees favorite dessert can finish off the evening nicely. Save cards and gifts for last; the honoree can read card messages to everyone while enjoying dessert.