30th Birthday

Despite what many people think, turning 30 is a cause for celebration. A 30th birthday doesnt make you old or over the hill; its just a number and should be celebrated with as much gusto as any other birthday.

Parties, dinners, trips, nights out with friends and quiet evenings at home with movie rentals and delivered food are all great ways to ring in a 30th birthday.

The birthday honoree should be the one to decide on his own birthday activity. Some people prefer big bashes, while others will be far happier with a low-key night in and some good company.

30th Birthday Parties and Dinners

One great way to celebrate a 30th birthday is with a party or by inviting friends and family out to a great restaurant. An easy way to keep track of guests is to send an Evite or design an invitation and e-mail to invitees. Guests can then ask questions or RSVP by e-mail also.

Parties can be potluck, BYOB or themed to add a fun aspect for the guests. Costume parties are especially popular, as are luaus and barbecues with western or hoe-down themes.

For a luau, guests can be greeted with leis or flowered headdresses, drinks can all be tropical and torches can add greatly to the Hawaiian ambiance.

Western-themed parties can have piles of hay for dcor, and guests can be greeted with novelty bandannas or cowboy hats.

Potluck and BYOB parties cut down on preparation, leaving the guest of honor with less stress and work to do beforehand. Guests bringing food and drinks also add to the variety of the party.

30th Birthday Trips and Vacations

While parties and gatherings are great for some people, other people may prefer to celebrate their 30th birthdays by going on trips or vacations. A birthday is a great time to visit family, or to spend time with family on a trip.

A 30th birthday is also a great time to take a romantic trip with a spouse or significant other. This can be a relaxing escape from work and other obligations.

Many people also prefer to spend their birthdays by relaxing with a group of close friends. Men may want to go on a golfing trip with some friends from work, while women may want to go to a spa for the weekend and get pampered with a few close girlfriends.

A great deal of people also like to go to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a great weekend birthday escape.

Relaxing 30th Birthdays at Home

Another popular 30th birthday option is to have a quiet evening at home. Many people prefer to pick out their favorite meal, choose a movie to watch or a game to play with family and sit back at home relaxing.

Presents can be opened, and a great addition to the low-key 30th birthday at home is a fun, decorated cake.