21st Birthday

While many people think a 21st birthday is an occasion to drink a lot of alcohol and party hard, this is not the case for everyone. For some, a 21st birthday can simply be a time to have a party or gathering of friends and family.

A 21st birthday can be a great time to organize a road trip or a short vacation and have a weekend-long celebration.

21st Birthday Trips

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are two very popular 21st birthday spots, as drinking and gambling are two things you must be 21 years old to do and these locations are the countrys drinking and gambling premiere destinations. Combine that with buffets, great shows and a wide variety of nightclubs, and youll have a 21st birthday youll never forget. Or at the very least, youll have the pictures to help you piece together memories of those late nights out.

These destinations are ideal for groups of friends to go out together and have a great time, and the best part is that the hotels are close enough that no one has to drive anywhere; anything you could possibly want to do is within walking distance.

Low-Key 21st Birthdays

As much fun as multiple days of drinking and gambling can be, many people prefer spending their 21st birthdays at local clubs or bars, at restaurants or even at parties at their own homes.

Restaurants and parties are better options if some of the honorees friends have not yet turned 21. Also, if your budget isnt large, having a party can be the best option for saving money.

Guests can bring food and beverages for the party, and decorations can either be homemade or bought inexpensively at a party store or a grocery store.

Themes can also make a party more festive, and for a 21st birthday the most obvious and popular theme is alcohol or being of legal age. Togas can also spice up a 21st birthday party.

Surprise parties are also a big hit, although these can be more difficult to plan without the birthday honoree suspecting something. Have another activity planned for the honoree beforehand, such as a dinner or movie, so that you can ensure that they arrive on time where they are supposed to be, and can also ensure that they dont walk in on any of the party decorating and setup.

Drinks, and even foods, can be alcohol-related. Some popular alcohol dishes include:

  • Beef and Beer Chili
  • Jell-O Shots
  • Spiked Watermelon Salad

Also, serving chips or nuts in margarita or martini glasses can be a fun decorating option.

The most popular drinks for 21st birthdays include:

  • Kamikaze
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Regular or Flavored Margarita
  • Strawberry Daiquiri

Most of these drinks are easy to make and can be made relatively quickly in large quantities, so theyre perfect for large groups of people. For any guests who are not yet 21, have some non-alcoholic beverages on hand.

Beaches and local downtown areas with many clubs and bars are also popular 21st birthday destinations. Certain beaches allow alcohol, so a birthday barbecue or bonfire could be a great way to celebrate.

However you choose to celebrate, make sure the 21st birthday honoree is the center of attention at all times. Many people like to create crowns or buttons for the honoree.