6 Pets To Think Twice About Getting

Pets can add a lot to your household, but some add more work, stress and cost than others. Some can be outright dangerous, while others will outlive you. Here's a list of pets you might not want to own.

1. Monkeys

Sure, they're adorable, but they're wild animals. Many states (currently 20) ban keeping them as pets. Many monkey lovers keep them anyway, treating them as babies. The problem is: the babies grow up and become belligerent adults. They are unpredictable and can bite or attack you and your children. Monkeys can live up to 40 years, which is a huge commitment for a pet, and it can be difficult to find a vet who will treat their many medical problems.

Monkeys are messy and expensive. You need a large cage to keep them happy but prevent them from roaming around your home and destroying it. You're better off leaving them at the zoo.

2. Horses

While the average person won't have a horse in their apartment, horses do require a lot of attention and money. Just like any other pets, they need vaccines and vet visits, but they also need trips to the dentist and blacksmith, as well as regular worming appointments. If you can't drive your horse to these appointments, you'll have to pay for the service provider to visit your horse.