Stressful Times Demand Yoga Image

We live in hard times – times of stress, terrorism, emotional and political upheaval and great uncertainty.

Yoga works to counter the effects of stress from the outside world by giving us the means to achieve a better connection within ourselves. It’s a physical practice that makes our bodies more flexible, and keeps our bones, muscles, joints and organs growing stronger. It’s a mental practice that helps us forge an attitude that gets us through the hard times of today. And it’s a spiritual practice that focuses on well being, connecting and looking at things from a broader and brighter perspective.

Yoga has gained tremendous popularity due to the many types of yoga from which to choose. Classical yoga emphasizes flexibility, balance, and meditation. Vigorous yoga, such as Astanga, includes more of an aerobic workout with extensive body positioning. For those that prefer exercise without a spiritual component, many gyms offer yoga-inspired approaches, such as flexibility programs and Pilates, which provide the basic physical benefits without meditation.

Whatever your reason for getting interested in yoga, by all means, make the most of it. And learn all of what it can do for you. Yoga has been around for thousands of years because it offers so much that’s so good: alignment, breathing, philosophy, fitness, and more. They’re all yours, today, and everyday.