Yoga Diet

A yoga class can bring improved health, a sense of well being, lower blood pressure, and a feeling of deep relaxation. When you walk away from class, you should leave with a sense of rejuvenation, serenity and wellness along with a perspective that helps you find greater peace and harmony.

That feeling of overall wellness-in a physical and a spiritual sense-is something that should stay with you long after your session is over. Take that classroom yoga and bring its lessons outside. All those stretches are good for relaxing the muscles, limbering the joints and lowering the blood pressure. And the meditative activities will keep your mind sharp and focused. Follow these pointers to maximize your mind/body/spirit benefits in a constant “after-yoga” care routine:

Good Nutrition Counts for a Lot

Ask any practitioner of yoga and they’ll tell you that what we take in through the senses is of vital importance to the quality of our lives. What we see, hear, breathe, and taste has a measurable effect on spirit and health. Of utmost importance is the food we eat.

Eat natural foods (rather than processed ones) as often as possible. Make sure your diet is nutritious. Focus on what you’re eating: Fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains are excellent. Eliminate or minimize the intake of red meat and processed foods. If possible, emphasize the mid-day meal and follow with a lighter dinner-it helps to give your digestive system a well-deserved rest. And don’t forget hydration: Drink plenty of pure water throughout the day. It keeps your system flushed and clean on the inside-and glistening soft on the outside.

You Are What You Think

In so many ways, yogis believe that thoughts are true power; that all our actions begin with thought. Learn more about meditation and how to do it regularly. See the world through compassionate eyes. It can lead you to be more understanding and forgiving. Choose to be positive and try to make your thoughts, words and acts in harmony.

Yoga is Not Just Physical

The poses you perform in yoga class mean a lot, but they’re just one part of your yoga practice. Get all the spiritual benefits of yoga as well as the physical ones, whether outside of or during class. Keep a yoga journal and make frequent entries. Let it remind you of the many ways yoga touches your life.

One of the main goals of yoga is to find, and hold, inner peace. As many practitioners say, happiness is “an inside job.” You have to be true to who you are. That way, yoga is something that’s always with you, wherever you are.